My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 520: Genuine Clean Fauciballs
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Look, the title's challenging, okay? We get it. It's probably not what you're thinking it's about, because we're talking about athletic balls. Maybe that is what you were thinking about? Are we the problem? Yeah, actually, that sounds about right.Suggested talking points: Happy Birthday Bugs, Peart-a Potty, Cello Wrestling, Basketball Announcement, Real American Hot Dogs, Tender Milkshake, Foot LidsMore resources on anti-racism and fighting police violence: becoming a supporter of the MaxFun network:
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The past couple episodes have been more lively than they've been in a while, but at the same time they're dipping a lot more explicitly into politics than they used to. It's a noticeable shift since they used to explicitly avoid politics and politically-related current events on their show -- remember the post-election Anxiety-Free Cruise?
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I understand the politics thing to be a result of the effort on their part to regularly and meaningfully consider the question, "what do our listeners need and want at this time?"

After the 2016 election, speaking for myself personally, I needed some mental space that was just goofs and good spirits and reminded me of the prospect of joy. But now, in 2020, things are.... different.

They are conscientious, and they know how to read a room.
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