My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 521: Ah, The Soup Mess
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It's the final week of the MaxFunDrive, so we've pulled out all the stops! By which we mean, we talked about Olive Garden, again, for like twenty minutes.Suggested talking points: Old Bill, College Shirt, Toilet Book, Liquid Benefits, Olive Garden Hacks, Wine and CheeseBecome a MaxFun supporter:
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Dying (and silently applauding) at Griffin’s Titanic metaphors for the water drinking question. (Though my guess was that coworker was complaining about needing to put on a fresh tank which can be a PITA.) Spaghetti gun also got a guffaw. Real solid ep
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I've worn so many college shirts. I think only one was for a school I actually attended. People have occasionally asked me if I knew somebody-or-another (which is usually quite a longshot even if it was a school I attended). I don't recall ever getting a "woo! Go [sports team]" reaction, but probably mostly because living in the same town as the shirt's school means the shirt mostly serves to make one more anonymous.
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If I am out of state and see shirts from Central Michigan I'll usually give a little "Fire up!" and get one in response.
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I liked this episode so much I listened to it twice!
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