Lucifer: Really Sad Devil Guy
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Lucifer toys with a murder victim while Chloe and Maze investigate the death. Meanwhile, Amenadiel cleans up the club, and Linda mothers a genius.

*Lee Garner (aka Mr. 'Said Out Bitch') who appeared in episode 1 of seasons 2, 3, & 4, makes his triumphant return to series, now on top of the world at a party on his own yacht -- but then Lucifer informs him he's actually dead and in his eternal Hell loop, as the party ended for him after being shot to death and having a hand chopped off post-mortem. When Lucifer realizes the yacht is in Marina del Rey in Chloe's jurisdiction, he decides to help Lee solve his murder, for old time's sake.

*Back on earth, Chloe, Ella, and Maze work the crime scene. Ella complains about Lucifer having ghosted them all for Florida to save the family business. Chloe and Maze are all, 'yep, Florida, that's where he is' then go to Lux to party. Amenadiel sees a drug deal being made, and tells the dealer he wants in on any business happening in his club.

*At the station the next morning, hangover Chloe interviews Lee's sister Meg, who hadn't spoken to him in 15 years, and doesn't know who specifically might have wanted him dead, but that he was always in some kind of trouble with money and the law, so it could have been any of his former accomplices. Maze drags a guy into interrogation who says the word on the street is that Lee was killed by Dirty Doug -- a guy who runs an elite high-stakes poker game who Lee owed a lot of money to.

*Ella visits Dr. Linda at home with baby Charlie; Linda wants Ella to give the baby science lessons.

*Amenadiel visits Dan at the station. Dan has been on a personal reflection journey after his time at rock-bottom (Cross-Fit, essential oils, you name it). Amenadiel has been on a 'must make the world a better place for Charlie' journey, from which Dan would like him to chill out and stop trying to citizens-arrest people for minor infractions, but Amenadiel insists he's got a real case this time, having gotten inside info on drug-dealing at Lux.

*In the Hell loop, Lucifer and Lee visit his memory of the Dirty Doug poker game, while Chloe and Maze visit the current game. Lucifer and Lee make no headway, and Lucifer grows frustrated. Back on earth, Chloe throws the game to get herself an offer of a marker from Doug, but when she reveals herself as a cop after his pseudo-confession, someone else does a runner, then gets killed by a car during the chase. A demon brings the newly-dead guy to Lucifer, and back on earth the corpse revives to tell Chloe that Lucifer said to tell her "It's safe where she stored it" which is supposed to let her solve the case.

*Dan and Trixie (who has grown sooo much!) visit Dr. Linda and baby Charlie. Dan has finished the entire stack of self-help books Linda lent him. Linda is very intense about all the lessons she has planned for baby Charlie (but decides to cancel swimming lessons after Dan's joke about every parent thinking their baby can walk on water, just in case he does), and Dan advises her that the most important thing she can do is be there to experience the present. Which at present is Charlie's first laugh, from Trixie entertaining him with funny faces.

*At the station, Chloe learns that the dead runner/briefly-animated-corpse, Gil, was a hit-man, but wasn't apparently working on Doug's orders in Lee's murder. She tells Maze and Ella of her mysterious "It's safe where she stored it" tip, and Ella notes that 'YouStoredIt' is where Lee rented a storage unit. Chloe and Maze find it already opened and sister Meg there with a gun, but someone else had already used Lee's chopped-off hand to open the safe. Meg realizes that even though she claimed to have given up on her brother, it's only now that she's realizing that he really is gone for good. Outside the unit, Chloe tells Maze she's been in denial about Lucifer being gone for good, and when Maze tries to kiss her and tell her they don't need him, she says that they've both been using the partnership to fill a void, and that they need to take break and step back from it.

*Back at Lux, Amenadiel does the undercover drug buy, but when Dan & his team swoop in it turns out the dealer was small-time, just a guy who stole his relative's prescription meds, not a kingpin.

*A frustrated Lucifer takes Lee back to what he feels is the true start of Lee's Hell loop, Meg's baby shower 15 years earlier, the last time his whole family was together, and where Lee only watched from outside. Lucifer berates him staying apart from his family for fear of disappointing them when he inevitably screwed up again, and Lee agrees that Lucifer has him pegged, but also sees that maybe this isn't just his own Hell loop.

*Back on Earth, Chloe helps Meg home with her mementos from Lee's storage unit only to see Lee's chopped off hand on her counter. Former accomplice, Rod, demands Meg tell her where the money Lee owed him and his crew is, as the biometric safe turned out to be empty. Meg scoffs that Lee obviously spent their cut himself, what with his yacht-partying and high-stakes poker-playing, and being Lee, but the rest of the crew arrives and a shootout ensues. Down in Hell, a demon brings dead Rod to Lucifer with the latest news of the Detective.

*As the shootout continues, Chloe orders Meg to run for it when the crew reloads their guns, and she does, but then Lucifer arrives and knocks out the assailants. Chloe kisses him and tells him he seems different, and Lucifer explains that since time runs differently in Hell what has been only months for her has been thousands of years for him.

*In a closing montage to a cover of "Happy Together", Linda & Amenadiel give Charlie a bath, Ella gives in to her penchant for 'bad boys' and hooks up with Dirty Doug while looking pretty unhappy with herself, Dan works at the station (with a photo of Charlotte on his desk), and Maze destroys Lucifer's piano at the Lux penthouse.

*And in the final reveal, Lucifer didn't actually leave Hell to save Chloe, convinced she could look after herself/as trapped as Lee, and whoever is back with Chloe is an imposter.
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(Only 8 episodes in this batch - I tried to poke around the internet a little to see if anyone was recapping and nearly spoiled myself for the next episode, so, I think I'm just going to watch and post the half-season as quickly as I can without checking any sites, though I don't expect to have a lot of time to watch tomorrow.)

Anyway, yay, it's back! I think we're getting a full-on musical episode and a noir episode this season, but I don't know if they're in this first half or in the second half of the season which is being held back to a later TBD release date.
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Sadly I caught the trailer for this season and the revel of the imposter is given away in that. Still the play is the thing and everyone seems to have brought their A-game. The writing makes this work quite well and the consequences of last season are playing out in interesting ways.

And every child is special. Maybe not bubble wrap the ceiling fan special but...
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I've managed to avoid the trailers entirely, thankfully, just seen a few stills here and there, hence knowing there's a noir episode down the pike somewhere. I'm glad I had a chance to be surprised by the imposter twist, but, yeah, I expect the episode would still work fine even if you knew it was coming. (I mean, it isn't as if the show hasn't spent every season creating obstacles for DeckerStar, no way were the writers letting Chloe and Lucifer be happily reunited in episode 1 of a 16-episode season.)
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Ah - I had no clue the season has started. I need to catch up!
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