Lucifer: Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!
August 21, 2020 8:53 PM - Season 5, Episode 2 - Subscribe

After spending an eternity in hell, Lucifer returns to the land of the living--but there's something a little different about this handsome devil.

*This episode's murder victim is Judy, a participant in a Mars expedition mission preparation being run by an Elon Musk/Jeff Bezos wannabe, Brody. She is stabbed to death by Mandy, a Mission Control worker who thought Judy was having an affair with Mandy's husband, Sam, when actually Sam was being covert with Judy in their attempt to expose Brody for faking the mission.

*Imposter-Lucifer turns out to be twin brother Michael, who is angry about all the praise Lucifer has been getting in the Silver City for his growth and sacrifice in voluntarily returning to Hell. He's determined to prove Lucifer is still the bad sibling, by 'playing with his toys' here on Earth until Lucifer abandons Hell again. Michael speaks with an American accent when not impostering Lucifer, and his angelic power is getting people to tell him their deepest fear.

*Chloe eventually figures out he's not really Lucifer, foiling his plot, so as a parting shot Michael tells her about her having been created by God specifically for Lucifer.

*Dr. Linda confronts supposed-Lucifer about abandoning Hell and potentially putting baby Charlie in danger of getting taken by demons again, and Michael notes that her deepest fear isn't fear for Charlie but fear of being a bad mother, and later we see Linda crying over a photo of her holding a baby.

*Amenadiel takes way long to figure out that fake-Lucifer is really Michael, considering he knows they're identical twins. At the end of the episode Amenadiel goes to Lucifer in Hell and tells him it's time for him to come back to L.A.
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Forgot to bullet - *First Tom Ellis nude scene of the season.

Ok, Ellis with an American accent is all kinds of wrong. I think that creeped me out about Michael more than anything. Though his naked mirror Lucifer line-reading practice was mega-creepy too.

I have a hard time buying Amenadiel not recognizing Michael right away. It's one thing for Michael to fool the human characters since none of them know that Lucifer has a twin, but, this should be old hat for Amenadiel. Not that he's proven himself to be the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree previously, but still, they both lived in the Silver City for centuries or however long time runs there, seems like he should have recognized him right away.
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Amenadiel does have an overly trusting/straight-shooter mentality. It is the root of his problems, he has difficulty with any shade of gray. And I doubt he had thought about Michael in quite a while. He also may have known before the others but he just caught up with Michael after the others. I think Amenadiel knew the moment he realized something Linda was afraid of something.
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I could have coped with Michael having a different voice and accent than Lucifer, but Tom's vocal delivery was all over the map. He just couldn't seem to stick to one particular vocalization style as Michael. Every line seemed to be coming out of the mouth of a different character.

I think he did a better job with the Michael's physicality, and the way that the character stood and held himself in contrast to Lucifer.

Yes, Amenadiel has problems with seeing the grey, but I'm with oh yeah! in that I think he should have been able to see through the twin impersonation act much more quickly.

I'm glad Chloe was able to figure it out on her own, and I loved her line about how shooting Michael makes her feel good, even if she knows bullets won't kill him.
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Tom Ellis is an amazing actor I can't look at his unshaven mug without shouting, "Detective!"
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Ugh, that accent! Loathed it, didn't really notice how accurate or consistent it was, just made me hate the character so much. I think Tom Ellis did an absolutely brilliant job making Michael someone different - the way he held himself, the way he moved, the exaggerated unctuousness of even his British accent, like even more so than usual. I think the lighting and makeup helped too and I even wonder if they did a bit of padding - I swear his face looked a different shape. Anyway, I am very glad they didn't drag Michael out, that would have been unbearable.

Agreed that Amenadiel should have caught on faster. And I thought it was interesting that Ella didn't seem to notice a difference but Dan did.
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Michael sounds pretty dead on like Zachary Quinto.
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