Ted Lasso: "Pilot"
August 22, 2020 9:17 AM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

If you're a fan of Jason Sudeikis's We're The Millers character, you may like this light comedy series about a college football coach from Kansas who's recruited to coach an English association football team, despite having no experience with the latter sport.
Based on a character that Sudeikis first portrayed in a series of promos for NBC Sports.
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I've watched 4 episodes and I love this show. And, this is coming from a guy who normally really, truly, couldn't give any less of a shit about anything sports related. Maybe it's because I came in with some fairly low expectations, but I'm really drawn to how charming and warm the show is. There's a pretty spoilerriffic review on theringer.com - they talk about the season as a whole, not just the episodes that have been currently released - but they sum up my feelings pretty well with "How on Earth Is ‘Ted Lasso’ Actually Good?"
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This show has totally charmed me as well! I like that they're releasing one episode a week - gives me something to look forward to.
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I'm all in on this show. I also have no interest is anything sport related, this really isn't about sports, so I'm happily along for the ride. My fondness for this show is quickly approaching Parks and Rec levels and I'm really hoping they can finish out the season strong.
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I agree with everyone above! I really like this show in a strange way. Maybe it's the characters' optimism in the face of personal failings and doubts. Maybe it's because they're all fairly wealthy so it never truly gets squalid and the characters never truly get down and out. Maybe it's that they are all moving so fast like the real world does, not pretending like so many shows do that people really have all that much time or real control to connive, plot, and conspire because the world is too complex. (Though I guess we'll see where you-know-who's plans revealed early in the show end up.) Maybe it's the cross-cultural jokes that seem to land well and quickly got beyond the same-old. Heck, they even did the London Bridge shot differently than any other movie or TV has done it - from the banks, for a moment, as a passing thing - avoiding the cliché but giving it a nod. I'm not a sports-type, either, but I do wish there were just a bit more of the matches.
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I just gave this a try, and I'm all in after the first episode. A fish out of water comedy about an empathetic American football coach in the premier league? Sounds crazy, but it sure came together in the pilot.
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Whee, I got three free months of Apple TV, so now I started this.

I'm super endeared to Rebecca and her plan to fuck over her ex, even though it's evil. Her firing the testicle guy is a delight. Like she's an actual sympathetic "villain" and hiring this guy only makes sense if it's deliberate.
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