Ted Lasso: Goodbye Earl
July 23, 2021 6:33 AM - Season 2, Episode 1 - Subscribe

The adventures of Ted Lasso, the American football coach turned British soccer coach, continue.

The first of 12 episodes is available on AppleTV+ today; new episodes will release weekly on Friday.
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"American football coach turned English football coach" ;)

Loved the first season, looking forward to watching the second.
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FOOTBALL IS (once again) LIFE!!

Dani Rojas Dani Rojas Dani Rojas!
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Being drip fed this over the next 12 weeks is going to be painful. I want 5 seasons and a movie now.
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Surely a show that is now this popular (it was a sleeper on release, but has gained steam over the pandemic) that releases new episodes on a week by week basis should have episode-specific threads?
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I'd be team 'episode-specific' too.

For those of you who like/still remember Film Crit Hulk, he seems to be doing (longish) episode discussions over at his patreon. In particular, I appreciated his shared "worry about how [Sarah Niles'] character could potentially play into the “black lady therapist” trope." After a single episode, it's obviously too early to say how the show will integrate Sharon (and after last season, I am confident, the creative team will do a good job) but it's worth mentioning.

I'm glad this show is back!
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I’m open to converting this to an episode one thread if that’s what the people want!
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I liked Ted Lasso before Apple Marketing heard it was cool.
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+1 for episode specific, please!
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Why are we having a single thread for the full season?
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Captions completely vindicate me. Jets, not Jints or Giants.
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1) I can't believe they started S2 of a sitcom by doing the one thing you should not do which is KILL A DOG

2) I assume they intended the "Thai" joke to be a pun on "tie," but a few critics definitely thought they were making a joke about dog meat, which... yikes

3) What song was playing during Rebecca's break-up date with Wingsnight?

4) Someone bet me money that Rebecca will sing part or all of "Being Alive" before the season is out.

5) I laughed *way* too hard when the whole press room said "The Independent."

6) Roy Kent would be the best fucking sports pundit ever. I'd tune in and I don't care for sports. Also MVP for saying all of that to Rebecca.

7) Jamie Tartt on their Love Island parody is the best fucking thing I've ever seen.

8) Roy and Keeley are my favorite couple on tv currently.

10 Poor Ted - team therapist is *his* job, and he's fallen short.

(Bonus: Ted and Beard riffing on "Right-Hand Man" from Hamilton was delightful)
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Have no fear, I have asked the mods to convert this thread to an episode 1 thread!
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I think someone needs to send me to the therapist or to Coach Lasso’s office or . . . something. I thought this episode was terrible. Last season got away with being hokey because it was genuine, with real feeling. This episode was artless, odd, forced, crude, and unfunny.
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I mean, instead of realizing that they got away with being corny and obvious the first season, the writers doubled down with insultingly hackneyed jokes and straight to camera (almost) Hallmark card pep talks.
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3) What song was playing during Rebecca's break-up date with Wingsnight?

Aimee Mann's "Wise Up," made famous in Paul Thomas Anderson's seminal 1999 work Magnolia.
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To me, the episode feeling odd felt like a setup- Ted’s in a tough spot and he’s overcompensating for how bad he feels. I am imagining future episodes will move this plot along.
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I too am having difficulty believing the writing team behind the first season could be as inept with this one. Either the success has ruined the vibe or it's a setup.

Which makes sense as the surprises from last year came from the expectation of sitcom tropes so this season that expectation needs to be created.
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I really loved season 1 but I am not up for this show starting with killing a dog, it is not at ALL why I am watching this show and it felt entirely unnecessary. I saw reviews (of, I assume, more than one episode) that say this season is better than the first so maybe episode 2 will work, because this episode does not make me excited to see the rest.
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Aimee Mann's "Wise Up," made famous in Paul Thomas Anderson's seminal 1999 work Magnolia.

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And a callback to the talk about Tom Cruise's tiny ponytails.
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I have a very personal reason for struggling to be happy about this episode and excited for the remainder of the season. I have two greyhounds myself, and this past week one of them (only 7 years old) spent three days at the only veterinary radiation oncologist in our area (over an hour's drive from our house) getting radiation for a nerve sheath tumor. It's not curable; if we're lucky we bought her 8 - 12 months. We spent all week re-watching season one as a coping mechanism, and were so excited to celebrate the end of her treatment with the new episode. Imagine the gut punch of "seeing" the death of a dog the same breed as my precious girl.

Of course this terrible coincidence is not the showrunners' fault, but it's a rough way to start out a series I think of as kind - kindness that extended beyond how the characters treat each other but also how the show treated us as viewers. It was such a salve during the worst of the pandemic, and this episode was anything but. It felt very out of character for the show as a whole.

I'm going to keep watching, at least partly because I need to know that there was a reason for that storyline that extends beyond what seems so far to be a 10 minute mental health struggle for Danny Rojas. I need Ted Lasso the show to still be what Ted Lasso the show has been. But this episode nearly killed it for me. (It doesn't help that, as mentioned above, most of the quirky funny moments and Ted Lasso-isms felt forced and hacky... hoping that doesn't continue as the season catches its stride.)
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This whole episode doubled-down hard on gender stereotypes, which was tired and boring.

And they killed a dog in the first two minutes, ugh. I felt like the writers had a story around 'the thing you fear while you're there becomes the thing you miss when it's gone' and they needed a way to meaningfully introduce that; this is what they came up with.

I did like the allusion to Magnolia through the Amie Mann song though.
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If killing a dog was not the most artful way of introducing a psychologist, at least she's there - for the team now and, absolutely, for Ted later. After he said he was skeptical of therapy, there's no way the show isn't going there. And I love them for this. I love Ted's positivity but I think it's hiding some pain. I mean, he hardly looked at that message from his kid.
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Honestly, I didn't understand what they were going for with the Magnolia allusions (and it's very possible that I missed some.) The opening tragic confluence of events for the dog definitely feels like one of the vignettes from the opening of that movie, a fact which Ted later states outright, and then the use of Wise Up later feels like it can't be a coincidence but... to what end?
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I love Roy Kent but I need him to not look like a CG rendering so much of the time (what's up with that?)
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Honestly, I didn't understand what they were going for with the Magnolia allusions

Well, I wonder if we'll get more of this across the season, since they pressed it so hard in the first episode.
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I love Roy Kent but I need him to not look like a CG rendering so much of the time (what's up with that?)

My roommate said this and I thought she was weird. Is this a thing?
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His head looked just slightly bigger than his body and that’s playing footsie with uncanny valley. Maybe they filmed him from an odd angle.
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So I enjoyed it, it was a middling episode and so a weak start but clearly a setup for Ted to go to therapy so he can face the fake side of himself he hides behind (and the reason why his wife just couldn’t keep up anymore). I think he will end up just as positive and sweet as he was before but the kind veneer will be gone and he will seem more genuine and real, in touch with his shadow feelings.

The therapist seemed off at first, flat acting but toward the end of the episode I felt she was more like a grounded foil, interested in genuine no bs connection and not fakery. Like she instantly reads Ted quickly and doesn’t play in to his aw shucks shield.

Still love Roy and his gf, she apologized for wheedling him in front of someone, he takes it and rolls, I love them!
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I think that's a really important point about Ted having to address the side of himself his wife couldn't take anymore, St. Peepsburg.

Anyone else wondering if Higgins' reference to the Luke and Leia kiss (and Sudeikis talking about this season as their Empire Strikes Back) might foreshadow a kiss between Rebecca and Ted that turns out to be a mistake?
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BREAKING: Dani Rojas speaks out on a devastating match. #RichmondPostMatch:
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I thought this was an average episode, but I was very happy to find out that Ted has the exact same opinions about the Gin Blossoms that I do.
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Finally caught up with this one; I agree that it's a bit of a rocky start, but some of that might be the difference between starting with no expectations vs. being a breakout, 20-emmy hit.

Two things that I really liked:
Roy's talk to Rebecca after the double date. Absolutely awesome in the text; beautifully delivered by Goldstein. But what I loved was the three layers of subtext:
1). Roy clearly feels lighting struck by Keeley (and this was acknowledged with a very fond glance from her).
2). Roy clearly respects the hell out of Rebecca.
3). This was exactly the sort of thing that Keeley would have said to Rebecca season 1 (how many slightly offensive pep talks has Keeley given about how smart and fit Rebecca is), which suggests that Keeley and Roy are simpatico on this subject as well; they are becoming a great couple.

And the second thing is Jamie Tartt's brief appearance on Lust Conquers All. To quote Metafilter's Own Linda Holmes (obviously excellent) recap: he announces in his intro, "I'm the island's leading scorer. Sexually." Please let us enter a sound file of this pronunciation — "sek-sha-leh" — into the Smithsonian. Future generations must know.

But that said, it's a little silly since this is meant to be in the middle of the football season, and you know, Jamie should be doing that. It's particularly silly since he's obviously on the show for access to a conveyor belt of attractive, sexually available women -- and more power to him for that -- because being on that sort of reality show is probably the second best way in the country for accessing that conveyor belt. Literally the one better way would be, you know, being the star striker for Manchester City.
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My wife and I lost our 15 year old grey Italian Greyhound Dennis almost exactly a year ago.

We are also huge fans of the show, and watched S1 like 8 times?

Starting S2 off by killing a dog, especially a grey iggy, was a kick in the fucking balls.
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oooohhhh.....this is season 2. Got it. I was wondering why everything felt so.... conflict-less.
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Well, I actually mostly enjoyed it? Poor Dani and Earl (well, at least we didn't see the accident), I felt so bad.

Seems to be a case of introducing a therapist, which clearly Ted is very uncomfortable with after his previous experiences. Having to bring in someone the Diamond Dogs can't handle hits him in the craw a bit.

Roy being shaggier, coaching kids and hanging with the yoga moms, hee. But the moment of the episode for me was after Roy's been annoyed at John all night, finally says that he's fine, but Rebecca can do better and deserves better. (Too bad in real life it can be nigh impossible to find what you "deserve" existing in your vicinity.) Ted's attempt at girl talk was also endearing.

Ties! Ties! Ties! Ties! Who woulda thunk?
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I live with a Jets fan, and when that joke hit I literally had to pause the show because I was rolling around on the floor laughing.
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