Friends at the Table: PARTIZAN 29 and 30: Buried Beneath Golden Leaves & A Cemetary for Heroes
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A month ago, Millennium Break seized control of Cruciat, ushering in a new age on the holy moon of Partizan. But like a counterpunch already chambered, the great Stels of the Divine Principality hit back with force and speed, driving minor Millennium Break bases into the dirt. Today, along with Cruciat, the only two strongholds left to the revolutionary group are the Lambic House and a trio of cities along the eastern edge of the Prophet's Path. Millennium Break must hold this ground, at all costs. And that is why, though they were one of the founders of the group, and its first executive elected, Valence's request for support in finding the parts of the Exemplar was denied. Even now, with actionable intel from their contact in Columnar, SBBR was being told that they'd need to go it alone.  And with the memory of Gur Sevraq fresh in their minds, they saw no other option...

This week, SBBR and all of millenium break pays their due respects to Clementine Kesh, the benevolent noble and close friend of Gur Sevraq.

Sovereign Immunity, aka Byron, aka Larry(?) shoots his goo prematurely.
Thisbe kickflips a spear, but not in a cool way, just a weird way.
Valence embraces his fate as Neo from the matrix sequels.

Austin, Art, Janine, Andrew
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I really feel for the party here, misunderstanding where the payload was and committing to a dumb, impossible plan that WOULD'VE been amazing if that was what had been happening, but it wasn't. Whoops.

Would have all worked, too, if they hadn't blundered up against the most savvy and competent person in the galaxy. Bodes well for the next mission at least.
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Yeah that's one thing I didn't want to bring up in the Discord discussion, but they really beefed the mission pretty hard and frankly I think that diminishes Valence's sacrifice.

If you're trying to steal something being passed between two enemy groups it's almost always a bad idea to try to steal it in the middle of the exchange, since that's when both groups are together to oppose you. You gotta intercept it either before or after. Then to make matters worse they stole the truck before it even had anything in it, and drove it right into danger with zero plan.

That said, I think it's as much a fault of Beam Saber (and all Forged in the Dark games) because the game is designed to push you directly into the action. You're supposed to roll your engagement roll and go right into the mission, then smooth over the rough edges with flashbacks and special moves. But that doesn't work if you use a flashback to get a paint mortar that you don't actually need, because you don't actually have a plan.
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