Friends at the Table: PARTIZAN 31-33: The Grand Premiere, Glory Arrives, A Single Shot
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It has been just over fifty days since Millennium Break took Cruciat, and each day has been more busy than the last. The hammer of the Principality fell on the organization's independent cells across the moon, and now the leaders of Millennium Break seek allies wherever they can find them. No potential partner in the fight against tyranny is more important than the Isle of Logos. As a sovereign nation with key control in Partizan's great sea, the Isle could offer Millennium Break a literal port in troubled waters. And so, Gucci Garantine and Apparatus Aperitif have spent the better part of a month negotiating towards that end.  Protecting these ever-moving negotiations has been trying, as SBBR can attest to. Even the quiet days, where nothing happens, require utmost focus and practiced determination. Yet they cannot hope for such a today to be such a day: One where the only red they see is that of the carpet rolled out for VIPs, where the only flash in their eyes comes from the cameras capturing the event.  To the north, the air of Obelle cracks with the sound of artillery fire. But here in Auspice, Zo'la has finished their film, and it is due its audience. This week on PARTIZAN: The Grand Premiere

This week, the table friends go to the theater for a relaxing evening out.

Milli reunites with some old friends
Broun follows the letter of some rules about war crimes, if not the spirit
Kalar shows off his stylish new belt
Phrygian is very hard to draw

Austin, Ali, Keith, Sylvia, Jack
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I like Kalar and Phrygian, and I'm excited for their downtime appearances. I think Kalar fits into Jack's natural playstyle a little better and they'll take him some fun places over the next couple of adventures.

Feels like Austin is REALLY going hard on them but the team is figuring shit out and rising to the occasion this episode.
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