Critical Role: The Tortise and the Dare
November 24, 2020 7:16 AM - Season 2, Episode 117 - Subscribe

Hard choices await the Mighty Nein, who must decide whether to follow the current path of their former friend or deviate and forge a new one...
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Only up to the break, but this episode has featured some of the things that happen in D&D games that are my favourite moments: the group having a spirited 10 minute conversation about their plans and next steps without anyone looking to the DM, and the group entirely forgetting what the NPC in the room knows and doesn't know.
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This episode had so many good things! The Lucien conversation was delightfully creepy (there's a great fanart of Yasha that I ran across, the imprint of the missing clover . . ); an adorable Fjord and Jester conversation, there was finally confirmation that Essek is alive and possibly well, possibly exiled/putting a good amount of space between him and the Bright Queen; Dagen's revelation (and subsequent modify memory); and that polymorph turtle fight!

I still have no idea what the actual plan for stopping Lucien is, or even should be - they don't really know what's going to happen, and everything around them is dangerous, but it also seems like letting Lucien do his thing is a horrible, possibly reality-breaking idea.
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