Critical Role: Solace Between the Secrets
December 7, 2020 2:18 PM - Season 2, Episode 118 - Subscribe

The Mighty Nein forge their own way across the tundra to another Aeorian excavation site, but things far more dangerous than frozen relics await them under the snow...
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(Discussing Beau's dating history)

"That must have been very confusing for you.......the similarity in the names."
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I'm still working my way (♫ making my way ♫) through the episode but am, like the cast, very proud of Travis.
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This is an arbitrary place to ask, and may be a bad question, but how does season 2 compare with season 1 in broad strokes?

Are things building up to a big finale?
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Are things building up to a big finale?

Well, campaign 2 is longer than campaign 1 was on air already (by, like three episodes?), but Campaign 1 started with them already mid-level (level 10-ish). There's been some talk that we're heading towards a big finale, but while there might be a reveal, I think we're still some ways away. Starting the finale third, maybe. They're only level 13, and while campaigns can end whenever, not quite powerful enough to fight gods or demigods just yet - and it seems like it's headed in that direction.

(in this level in campaign 1 they were just starting to fight their mid-level campaign bosses with the end bosses not yet revealed)

But Matt's the only one who has any real idea.
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I feel like I've been saying this a lot lately, but this episode was also so good! Everyone was so giddy in the first part - a lot of this is cold weather as designed by a Floridian who has maybe gone skiing once*, but it's fun, and the shananigans with the question pillar still had a hyper energy to it. Laura did manage to ask a pretty good question without any planning, and that reveal was pretty great. And it lead to an absolutely adorable scene - Mr. Dinty was listening in the other room and I ended up narrating the rest of the player's reactions to it to him, including Taliesin fanning himself and Marisha graduating to putting the notebook on her head. And Travis managed to turn so red afterwards!

And they still carry some of that energy into the second half - but the second they go into A2 it becomes serious and creepy and gets even creepier. And augh, what a reveal! I have so many questions! I'm so excited to see where this is going! Also, I'm wondering what they're going to do with that gnome (who was giving off possible cannibal vibes, imo). Taking him to Vurmas would be a bad idea. Backtracking to the empire's town is a bad idea. Teleporting him out is a bad idea, and just leaving him to his own devices is a good way to get him killed.

*There's been some talk about how actually-not-very-cold-weather-appropriate their official art's cold weather apparel is, and I realize this is fantasy ect. ect. ect. but honestly the part I've had the most issues getting over is seeing fanart of Essek standing around in cold winter gear but extensive metal ear cuffs and jewelry. And then I find myself worrying for a morally dubious fantasy elf's ears. Yasha leaving her femoral artery exposed to the cold is a close second, though.
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Oh shit reached to where I started.

I don't think Matt quite settled on getting the hand thing right in his mind, but it was a very good thing in the moment for him to adjust to where one statue has different hands.
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