Watching The Clone Wars?
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Any interest in watching and discussing The Clone Wars animated series?

I just started watching the Clone Wars with my kids, and so I can get more of the background for the Mandalorian. Would anyone else be interested in discussing the series more?
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I just started as well, I’m on the second or third episode. I’d be interested. I already watched Rebels, it was pretty good.
posted by skewed at 8:18 PM on December 12, 2020

FWIW Austin Walker has just started a new podcast called A More Civilized Age that is going to cover the Clone Wars era of Star Wars. He's joined by some folks from two other podcasts he's a part of, Waypoint Radio and Friends at the Table. So far they've released two big 'ol podcasts looking back on the two movies that set the stage for the Clone Wars series.

If none of this means anything to you but you like podcasts, maybe check it out. I respect Austin a lot as a smart cookie with a critical eye for media.
posted by Mr.Encyclopedia at 4:39 PM on December 31, 2020

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