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Young entrepreneurs aspiring to launch virtual dreams into reality compete for success and love in the cutthroat world of Korea's high-tech industry. (Netflix, tvN)
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This show just finished its Netflix/Korean broadcast run this weekend, was anyone else watching? I thought it had a really strong start, but a weak ending -- not a total WTF show-ruiner like 'Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol' did, just kind of flawed/underwhelming/unsatisfying.

In the beginning, it seemed like they'd found a new and interesting take on the Cyrano-style love triangle, in that their Cyrano wasn't writing letters out of unrequited love of his Roxanne. The 'found family' love between orphaned Han Ji Pyung and grandmother Choi was maybe the best part of the show, and him being motivated to keep the lie of Nam Do San being the letter-writer going out of his love for the grandmother worked. But then they pivoted to it being a regular love triangle, and it kind of diminished the character for me.

I did like the show overall - I thought Yoo Soo Bin was adorkable in 'Crash Landing On You' as the k-drama-obsessed North Korean soldier, so it was nice seeing him get a little romance here. The comedy bits between all the guys when they're running the Cyrano deceptions were very funny, and the orphan/grandmother scenes were so good and heart-wrenching. But they needed a better ending.
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We were really rooting for Yoo Soo Bin as well (loved him as NK Army Guy).

What surprised me in Ep 15, when Nam Do San was examining some code on his laptop: that page (a github history page for a test file in "airobot-user-models") is actually from our company's public repository, renamed to "airobot". There's a JIRA ticket number that really exists (one of our projects) and a pull request from my friend. I congratulated him for appearing on a Netflix show.

We haven't seen the finale yet, but maybe tonight.
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