Bee and PuppyCat: Pilot
December 19, 2014 8:22 AM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Bee got fired today. While she's unsure how to make ends meet, she still takes in a small cat, um, dog? who may have the answer. On Youtube! (11m)

* Bee is fired, finds Puppycat.
* Bee gets a casserole from Deckard. Deckard gets something less pleasant from Bee.
* Bee's dream.
* Disappointment at the Temp Agency.
* "I got you presents!"
* "There better not be anything scary cryptic in here, or I will scream SO. LOUD. And then totally lose mah marbles!"
* Ladybug's lament.
* Uniform assignment!
* Babysitting in Fishbowl Space.
* Puppycat's Fairy Tale.
* Fight scene! "Use the sword as a sword!"
* A nice ending.

How I have chosen to number this:
Bee and Puppycat consists of six-minute episodes, combined into two-part stories. I am treating each pair of episodes as a whole, and throwing the Pilot into Season One. So, episode 1 is parts 1 and 2 of the pilot story, episode 2 is Food and Farmer, and episode 3 is Beach and Cats.

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From Ask, fiercecupcake needs help getting through Bee and Puppycat withdrawal
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Bee and Puppycat is in the TV section even though it's a web series, because there is no web-only category yet. It made it through the IMDB check though. I've thought about posting this for a month now and decided it's better to ask forgiveness than permission. If it's not suitable, or if the mods would rather wait until it becomes something more than a series of short Youtube cartoons, I wouldn't mind them deleting this.
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Gosh I don't know if I have anything interesting to say about B&PC but I enjoy the heck out of it. Allyn Rachel can sure deliver a line, my favorite of which from this episode being "I'm shovin' the CROTCH ICE under the door!"

Also I am totally entranced by PuppyCat singing. I hear "bu-bu-bup" in the interstitials of my dreams.
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In the two more recent stories, they're made PC's booping more language-like. You can actually hear him mouthing specific words, notably "Pretty Patrick."

There's only three episodes total at this point, so I'll probably write up the other two today and tomorrow.
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I love this so much.
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I knew Allegri was making this but I had never watched it. I LOVE this. Bee's voice makes it perfect.

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I'm so glad you made this a FanFare. Followed.
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Did you know that BATHS is doing the music for B&PC? It's because sometimes the world isn't an awful place.
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The word is, someone else who is doing music for it is MeFi's Own brad sucks.

Meaning that Bee & Puppycat is just one staff-remove away from this masterpiece of trolling that I can't seem to stop linking to.
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omg i love bee & puppycat so much! i just found it recently, watched them all, bought the comics, a wallet, and am considering a wall hanging or tattoo or dress or i dunno what.
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I watched this the wrong way I saw eps 1 - 10 then the pilot ep so I was deeply, deeply confused.

"And then totally lose my maaarbles" is definitely being added to my lexicon now though.
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