For All Mankind: The Weight
March 20, 2021 5:40 AM - Season 2, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Ed's reckless behavior at NASA shakes the foundation of the Baldwin family; Tracy attempts to readapt to life in space.

Ed and Gordo suffer minimal consequences for their aerial hot-dogging; Molly has a different vision for the astronaut corps; Karen worries; Tracy brings a lot of baggage to the moon for her 6-month tour; Gordo worries; Ellen reconnects with Pam; Aleida avoids making new friends at the office; but there are white guns on the Moon.
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I knew it! The ants are still there!
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🐜 🐜 🐜 🐜
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cardboard: awesome episode summary
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The characters keep growing on me so that even an episode as quiet as this one keeps my attention. When will the guns go off?

And yes, Tracy seeing ants after Gordo saw ants...the show's sense of humor really worked for me this time.
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I'm caught up now (we discovered doom patrol and that was our only show for a while. It had an... interesting moon sequence).

This season really takes a lot of the glamour out of being an astronaut. I don't really know what Gordo is thinking. I think I do know what Ed is thinking, and he is being so dumb here

In this episode I had a happy moment thinking that Molly would take Ed's seat on pathfinder. She still should.

Was Gordo's kid flirting with the admiral's wife? I couldn't read that scene very well.
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Yeah I got a very intergen vibe there
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My spice really appreciated this episode for all its montaging and getting into the background of day to day shit work that makes systems like this work (which I find endlessly fascinating as a self-taught dilettante). Interesting transition of the "George" jobs to the "Linus" idea.

Nice with the ants and damn with that blocking up the freaking airflow.

I'm concerned about the techs not picking up on Gordo's freaking, and him not breaking through it but I appreciate the kids trying to help.

I got the intergenerational thing with Shane's friend and Mom but I think this is the first time they're really talking about it as he's turning into an adult.

Molly's vision shit is worrying me.

Only three people to mars? Even shaving 200 days off (100 days each way) ... but I like the parallelism between Molly "Kicking their asses" and the kid's story about Mrs. Admiral (I don't normally suck at names and faces if they aren't astronauts but I want to call her Karen and I think that's wrong) shushing them officially and then letting them off with a warning. You could see that "the big boys" got it when we saw their faces leaving the office.

And yes "I don't have to justify myself to either of you" is a corporate double bird.

Mrs Admiral better not effing keep her daughter out of Naval Academy.


Speaking of astronauts, is the new polictical puppy (he PLAYED her last episode) now outed by her ex to the admirals wife?

BTW last episode they clarified it was 1983. They've shown Hart but who is the presumptive contender since Ronnie (I can never spell his name right) is term limited (being term limited out by wining the first time in 1976.
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It's like there's some law of conservation of fucked-up-ness with Tracy and Gordo. They always add up to the same level of it. As Tracy starts to decompensate, that makes room for Gordo to get his shit together and vice versa.
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I haven’t really complained about the pacing so far (really, I’m generally welcoming the unconventional pacing of this show), but this episode felt like it was 4 hours long.

We get a very predictable, yet long overdue “Gordo gets his shit together” montage. Gordo actually seems to be growing, whereas it’s completely unclear what’s happening with Ed.

Karen obviously grew a lot during the time-skip, and it kind of feels like the show is trying to invent contrived reasons for conflict (I don’t buy the college-choice plot for a second). I’d be fine if the show just… let’s Karen be a good person from here on out.

Pam coming out to Karen (and having that be well-received!) is a really nice capstone on Karen’s arc as a character (and also a little unbelievable for 1983, but goddamnit, I’m going to eat up this fiction).
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How does gravity work on the moon? Because Jamestown looks like it has the same gravity as my house.
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Yeah, they're playing fast and loose with lunar gravity, particularly for the indoor moon scenes.
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