Fleetwood Mac: Rumours (1997)
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The making of Fleetwood Mac's album Rumours in 1976 - 77.
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Really this is an excuse to post this live version of The Chain, which is amazing.
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Oh my god, please find the link because that clip has made my afternoon.
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Oh, sorry, h00py! I watched it on a DVD from the library. In the US one can rent it from Amazon but I don’t know about you foreign types. Many of the videos in this series are available on YouTube, I have been informed.
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It's available for streaming on amazon prime (with random ads inserted at the oddest times). Just watched it last night- thanks for the recommendation!

The clearly contentious end of all their relationships, along with the (hinted at) cocaine and alcohol abuse made this a much more harrowing experience than I expected. It seems clear to me that Stevie Nicks in particular went through a horrific time, and it's amazing they are (or at least were) still playing music together for years after.
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Also, I was really impressed at the facility with the mixing boards that all of the engineers (and Buckingham, in one segment) demonstrated. They had amazing ability to step through the 48 channels playing back, and isolating the interesting sounds & sources. Old-school tape instead of lossless digital (with unlimited channels) seems so hard.
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In my imagination every member of the band was bi and as a result the album had to be three times as long to cover all the betrayal permutations.
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