A Band Called Death (2012)
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"A documentary on the 1970s punk trio Death, and their new-found popularity decades after they disbanded."
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The historical footage was great. The documentary lagged in the middle, after their move to Vermont, but the twist of the third act made it worth sticking with it -- it's very sweet.

Fails the "Talks to a woman, who isn't related to a band member, about music" test.
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It felt like the record collectors who rediscovered them were interested in them mostly as a novelty; showing the recent audiences having a great time made me wish the filmmakers had talked to more people who valued them for their music and explained what it was they liked about it.
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A few years back, Death was playing Riot Fest Chicago. My friend attending with me had the Riot Fest app on his Apple Watch.

I really wish we had an image of the notification that read: "DEATH IN 15 MINUTES."
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The documentary lagged in the middle, after their move to Vermont

As we all do :D

But yeah my understanding is that one of the brothers wound up having some trouble and I think they didn't want to get into it in the movie.

And yeah the guys had SISTERS don't you kind of want to know wtf was going on with them?? It was fun to see Vermont in here and note that one of the guys in the sons' band was actually a state representative a few years after the movie came out.
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