Supergirl: Rebirth
March 31, 2021 6:54 PM - Season 6, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Fine, they wrapped up last season. On to the new one, and let's forget about the whole Leviathan/Obsidian North stuff.

I really wanted to love Lex's Champions performance more than I did, but the very prop-looking weapons (rubber swords, cheap plastic guns, etc.) pulled me out of the scene.

The one-on-one stuff was mostly good (Alex and Kara, Lex and his mother, Brainy and Nia, Lena and Alex). The sci-fi stuff was just terrible. Why would a mind meld among telepaths blow up satellites. You're going to use the Anti-Life inside a computer to de-alienize Lex and that will work because....?

Still, even with having to jump back into last year's plot and wrap it up, this felt like it had better energy than the Flash. I don't know if the actors are just enjoying a last hurrah giving these characters one final go-round or if they were just happy to be let out of quarantine and escape their family bubbles. either way, I'm feeling a bit more enthusiastic about this show than I am everything else in the Arrowverse at the moment. (FYI, for anybody curious, Black Lightning has been particularly dour this season.)
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