The Flash: Fear Me
March 31, 2021 6:24 PM - Season 7, Episode 5 - Subscribe

A powerful new villain channels and amplifies everyone's fears to wreak havoc on Central City. To take down this new threat, Barry must face his own worst fear.
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So the Crows of Gotham have a Central City branch. Good to know.

I had no idea that the CGI abomination was supposed to be female. The "she" really threw me when they started throwing names like She-Hulk around

I was really surprised that the costume department put both Iris and Cecile in burnt orange. It's a colour that doesn't get a lot of play on TV and to have one character wear it is noticeable. To have two in that colour was very, very unexpected.

Speaking of colours, I'm not sure where they're going with their colour choices. When Cecile was in the chair exhibiting bravery, her eyes turned green, which as a DC reader, I can buy, what with the whole fearless Green Lantern thing. But Psych, as the personification of fear, was emitting that pinkish-purple that I'd normally say was more of a Star Sapphire colour, and we all know they're about the power of love. On the Lantern colour wheel, yellow would be fear. But given that Flash's lightning is yellow, I guess that's out. I guess I'd have to go back to the earlier episode where all the colored lightning was first displayed to see which colours were used and then maybe try to match them with that forces, but honestly, that's too much effort for a show I'm not enjoying these days.

Without a Wells around, I guess Barry has to pick up a bit of the scientific slack. Either that or he's still got remnants of his super intelligence from last episode, because it seems like it has been a while since we've seen Barry do any major scientific problem solving.

I'm not looking forward to the state logistics woman plot, but I guess they've got to give Joe something to do this season. It would have been nice to see some Frost-Caitlin stuff play out without the threat of arrest over Frost's head.
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