Poldark: Episode 1.2
April 22, 2021 5:13 PM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Ross explores the idea of reopening the Wheal Leisure mine, and seeks financial backers for the endeavour. Verity forms an attachment with a man her father and brother vehemently disapprove of.
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One of the things I found so frustrating about this show is how Ross and Elizabeth won't stay the hell away from each other. I know they will have to encounter each other regularly as they are part of the same family and near neighbours, but it's so ridiculous and inappropriate that they keep fanning the flames of their past relationship instead of trying to put it behind them now that Elizabeth is married to Francis.

That large, dry hunk of bread and glass of water Demelza offers to Elizabeth by way of refreshments is hilarious, as are her awkward curtsies. But at least she has a decent dress and cloak now. Ross has good taste.

Francis getting into a duel with his sister's suitor, despite his entire family begging him not to, is ridiculous. The Poldarks have more temper than sense.

Andrew Blamey's past should have been investigated rather than Verity taking his word for it or Francis and his father believing what was said, but really Verity... you can't find someone who didn't kill his wife, even accidentally? She's very put upon by her father and brother, who regard her much more as a servant than a person with her own life to live, and her father openly calls her plain, but I'm glad she stands up for herself as best she can -- finding a way to go to the ball by asking Ross to escort her, and insisting on her right to see Andrew.
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I think she was just ready for A MAN, ANY MAN, I don't blame her.
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I think that's true. Verity probably hasn't had any suitors, and though she's too sensible and mature to complain, her life in her family home is not a pleasant or happy one, so when she gets a chance to be with a man who is kind to her and interested in her, she goes for it. It happened so, so fast, too. Verity and Andrew meet just once at a ball, and they're immediately talking marriage. To be fair, that is how courting often worked in those days, with people getting married on very slight acquaintance.
posted by orange swan at 2:56 PM on April 23, 2021

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