The Adventure Zone: Ethersea — Episode 2
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The Gallery Job: Part Two Three prospective contractors for the Bluespan Brokerage embark on their first, questionable voyage in the waters surrounding Founder's Wake. A lucrative, outrageously spicy opportunity presents itself along the way. Join us for the start of a new adventure in the undersea metropolis of Founders' Wake! For more info on this new setting, give a listen to our Prologue mini-series (or our special, abridged recap!) to hear how the Ethersea first took form.
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Scattered thoughts:

One of these days we'll find out if mispronouncing "la main" as "la mer" is some kind of pun, I guess.

This was some reasonable D&D but I find myself kind of at a loss for descriptions of the world and characters. Zoox's D&D-equivalent race is mentioned (he's like a warforged IIRC) but do the others have the same? Is that a deliberate departure from the icky fantasy trope of "racial traits" or just an oversight?

Hopefully the ship homebrew will settle in because it feels kind of tacked-on and unnecessary at this point. The balance seems to be shifted away from the characters' skills.

Hopeful, more hopeful than Grad two episodes in. Liking the NPCs we've met quite a bit.
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I'm pretty sure that they, indeed, wanted to move away from the concept of "racial traits," and am assuming that Devo and Amber are either both human (like most non-Brinarr in the game's world) or else they're "human" and just each picked a race out of the handbook for purely mechanical and not flavor purposes, and it's unimportant for the story.
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"You raised three podcasters" is a pretty compelling critique of Cliff's parenting ability, I was convinced.
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One of these days we'll find out if mispronouncing "la main" as "la mer" is some kind of pun, I guess.

I think what has happened is Travis has spelled it "La Main" which would be pronounced in French something like "la may" (which Griffin seems to be saying). If Travie wanted it to be pronounced "la mayn", he should have spelled it "La Maine". The rule in French is (roughly) you don't pronounce the last letter (with exceptions*).

*My French teacher always said to be "CaReFuL" about pronunciation of the last letter, because the only letters you pronounce when they are last are c, r, f, and l (with more exceptions).
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