The Philosophical Strangler
September 7, 2021 7:37 PM - by Eric Flint - Subscribe

Mighty Greyboar, the world's greatest professional strangler, is dissatisfied with his lot in life. The work is steady and the pay is good, but what, he wonders, is the point of it all
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Currently available in the Baen Free Library. I was nostalgically remembering some 50s SF I had read there years ago (but can't remember title or author of) and decided to have a peek to see if I could still find it. Sadly it seems like the library has been pared down since then, but I stumbled across this gem. And well, like Snakes on a Plane, either you get it or you don't.
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I would re-read it, but that would interfere with my languor.
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I found this book because of this fanfare post and it was an unexpected delight. Thank you.

Some minor niggles to modern sensibilities, but when the whole thing's just so much fun it's easier to overlook.
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