Only Murders in the Building: The Sting
September 7, 2021 4:22 PM - Season 1, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Sting and his dog-hating ways make him a potential suspect. We find out that Charles is haunted by cartoon characters, who "Lucy" was and how that whole dating the bassoonist thing is going. Oliver's son has a key piece of info about Mabel. The podcast gang meets their idol Cinda.

I really liked this. I was very touched by the whole Charles plot (the duet across the building, awww!). Surprised that Lucy wasn't his ex after all, which of course is what I was expecting.

Of course somehow Sting isn't guilty but a wee bit involved? So who tried to do in poor Winnie?

Damn you, Cinda, for stealing their podcast idea!
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I am still loving this and its weird twisty ways. It also just feels oddly kind in a lot of ways -- it's not making fun of our core three. There's a sweetness here I didn't expect.

I also like that it seems to be going places I didn't expect. I'm glad the Mabel reveal to Charles-Haden and Oliver wasn't dragged out but the final scene makes me worried things will go badly. But this show keeps me guessing. I'm still going to trust it.
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Hoping it doesn't turn out that Will is the killer, either of the blonde girl or Tim Kono.
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Hang on - they got STING for this? Like, the actual STING Sting?
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They got the actual STING Sting to sing a stupid STUPID song.
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Man, as soon as Tina Fey mentioned the turkey I knew they were going to end up bringing a turkey. It was very funny, though.

The Steve Martin relationship backstory was amusing and unexpectedly heart-wrenching! I loved the revelation that he hadn't been pining over his ex so much as he had been missing his kid. (Though -- he shouldn't miss his ex, anybody who disappears on a cruise really sucks.)
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It also makes Charles' neighbor more reasonable since he's been talking about Lucy, the child, rather than telling Charles about his ex each time they talk. And I love Maulik Pancholy as the neighbor. I'm glad he's sympathetic.

I'm just really enjoying the cozy-mystery feel of this show. And in terms of character economy, Oliver's son Willie is both a vet who can treat Winnie and someone near enough to Mabel's age so he could reveal past with Oliver.

My guess for tie-dye guy is Oscar.
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Things I appreciated about this episode:
The very Serialesque musical scoring
The utterly charming accordion/bassoon duet
The phrase "So, we're gonna bring Sting a morning turkey?"
Mabel's earrings
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