Star Wars: Visions: Season One: Episodes 4-6
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Anime studios celebrate Star Wars by telling their own stories. Episodes 4-6.

The middle third, now with even more lightsabers!

The Village Bride
A Jedi on the run takes in the unique customs of a remote village under threat by a warlord.

The Ninth Jedi
The daughter of a lightsaber-smith is pursued by dark forces while on a dangerous mission.

A cybernetic boy, who dreams of being a Jedi, discovers a dangerous truth about his creator.
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I could watch an entire Clone Wars-length series based on the characters in The Ninth Jedi. That was great.

Music in The Village Bride took that one to the next level, really good. Cutting off one’s padawan braid for maximum badassery.
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Why are you talking funny like we may never see each other again?
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The Village Bride was my absolute fave of the bunch; I loved the theme, the style, and the music all.

The Ninth Jedi was excellent too; chatter I've read speculates that this is the episode that may become a series. The company that made it expressed an interest in continuing, and (perhaps coincidentally) this was the episode that clocked in at ~21 minutes -- your standard episode running time, or about.
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The Village Bride is one that sticks closest to canon. It's not so obviously Edo-period Japan with lightsabers as some of the other episodes, and it plays in a more interesting post-clone wars pre(?)Battle of Yavin period than other current Star Wars media.

The Ninth Jedi was uh, pretty loose? with established canon? I'm not precious about it but it's just funny that this is the thing most likely to become a full series. It has the least to do with anything else in Star Wars other than Jedi, Sith, and Lightsabers. The story itself was fun, if nothing else it was more unpredictable because it was such a different take on what Sith, Jedi, and Star Wars can be.

My kids kept calling TO-B1 "Megaman" which I think says it all.
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My kids kept calling TO-B1 "Megaman" which I think says it all.

I'm only just now getting around to these, but being of a different generation, my first thought was Astro Boy.
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