Leverage: Redemption: The Golf Job
October 13, 2021 9:50 AM - Season 1, Episode 12 - Subscribe

"An old friend visits, sparking a self-doubting Harry to uncover an unlikely client on the links at his exclusive golf club." Directed by Noah Wyle.
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Another fun episode. I'm really liking this half of the season much more than the first half.
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HURLEY!!!!! And a Hurley who's grown some -- he psyched out Eliot very effectively, which is something original dimwit Hurley could absolutely not have done.

It's fun to see hypercompetent Eliot completely whiff something physical, too. The writers did it without nerfing him; he handles the grifting parts with entire competence.
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It's cute that the "newcomers" are so enthusiastic and unjaded.

Yay! A real set of lockpicks.
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It took me about fifteen minutes to place James Marsters, but man, he was a delight. And I really liked the idealistic young lawyer. Its nice for some of the external foils to be positive - Sophie has the Jackal, Eliot has the Marshall - as well as the negative ones. (The head of that security firm as Sophie's evil opposite a la Nate and Sterling is an idea I very much want to see further developed, though.)
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Seeing James Marsters in full sunlight with an american accent confused my fan-brain.
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The Boys Night Out Job, Part 2, I see!

Wow, was James Marsters awful in this! (Character-wise.) Eeeeeugh, every minute he's bad!

I did enjoy Sarah and wanted to recruit her to work for Leverage.
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Re Sarah: there's a recurring theme this season about which side of the law/lawless line people choose to work on. Possible to do either good or evil on either side. (Okay, okay, somebody do the Leverage alignment chart already!)

Sarah chooses the lawful side in the end. The crew appears to think this is right for her, and I think I agree with them.

Harry is trying to move from lawful evil to lawless halfway-decent. It's quite a haul, understandably.
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Now, this is what I want from a good episode of Leverage. It's one I'll definitely be sharing with the folks.
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Just now catching up with this one and what a joy.

Also loving the flashbacks to earlier seasons:
Hurley: "You learned baseball in a week and you hate baseball!"
Eliot: "They named a sandwich after me... That's not important right now!"

Also I have no idea what con Sophie and Parker are running and I don't care, it's almost better that we don't know.
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