Leverage: Redemption: The Hurricane Job
October 14, 2021 10:07 PM - Season 1, Episode 13 - Subscribe

"Stuck together during a massive hurricane, Eliot and Parker must stop a band of corrupt cops who have taken over a small hotel, and find what the cops are searching for, before it’s too late."
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I do like Eliot's girlfriend. It's nice to see one recur. Though I keep mixing her up with Rosario Dawson when really it's Xiomara from Jane the Virgin :P (I expect her to be, y'know, singing and dancing....)

The continued shoutouts to Noah Wyle's other shows is amusing.
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I felt like I recognized the hotel owner from something, but nothing in his imdb credits (Dennis Cockrum) is giving me an 'aha!'. But he's guested on so many shows I have watched over the past decades, I guess he's finally nudged his way into my long term memory.
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The continued shoutouts to Noah Wyle's other shows is amusing.

I was WAITING for him to identify himself as Dr. Carter when he was in medical disguise. He didn't, but the comment that he learned about medical stuff from television satisfied me.
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Wyle can go all the way over the top so very smoothly, as he did while playing doctor. (The hilarious thing is that the jargon was at least partly BS. I am not a doctor, but...)

Sets and camerawork were extra-good in this one. Hurricanes be scary.
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Seconding the joy in seeing Wyle's moment of medical patter!

The particular texture of how this episode depicted a band of corrupt cops was interesting. One of them was utterly despicable. The rest were willing to go along with his leadership till they got into that moment of doubt when Eliot told them about the lottery ticket and planted that seed of suspicion. They were willing to do things they knew were against regulations, maybe even wrong, for the sake of protecting the unit, but once they started to realize that they loyalty was not being reciprocated, cohesion broke down. And that sits in a kind of contrast to how Maria is loyal to Eliot because of what she witnesses him doing -- he consistently puts himself on the line to protect strangers, not just his own crew.
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Nice seeing Marshall Shipp again. I'm totally ok bringing in recurring guests because they've all been pretty high quality.

Dennis Cockrum has such a huge range.

WAITING for him to identify himself as Dr. Carter

According to IMDB, the page over the PA was for a Dr. Ross. While Wyle played Carter on ER, Clooney played a Dr. Ross.
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