Supernatural: Southern Comfort
October 15, 2021 3:26 AM - Season 8, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Sam and Dean team up with Garth to hunt down a specter that's possessing people and turning their minor grudges against others into murderous rage.


Dean: I was in Purgatory.
Garth: Like, uh, "Purgatory" Purgatory?
Dean: No, the one in Miami.
Garth: Man, that's balls!
Dean: That's not how you say "balls"!

Garth: You're such an idjit.
Dean: Idjit's supposed to be used angrily. Okay? Not happy. If you're gonna butcher it, don't say it at all.

Dean: Is that Bobby's hat?
Garth: Oh, yeah. Sure is. We worked a Rugaru case together a few years back. He left it in my car. So I kept it as a memento.
Dean: [knocks it off his head]
Garth: What are you doing?
Dean: That's not how you wear it!

Garth: Bobby belonged to all of us, Dean, not just you and Sam. I'm just taking what he showed me and trying to do something with it. That's all.

Sam: But I thought the Unknown Soldier was buried in Arlington.
Garth: Yep, but this is the Confederate Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. See, the idea was, they took a faceless, nameless soldier they couldn't identify, and they buried him here to commemorate all the soldiers who died.
Dean: Did you learn that in college?
Garth: Nope. Civil War re-enactments. Once a year, every year.
Dean: ...
Garth: Don't hate.
Sam: Okay, uh, what about the guard?
Garth: Uh, he's ceremonial. Gone by dusk.
Dean: So then we do this tonight?
Garth: Yeah.
Sam: Burn a confederate soldier's bones in a town of rednecks? Sure.

Dean: You were a dentist?
Garth: Yeah, just for like, for a hot minute. Where did you think I got my first case?
Dean: Let me guess. Tooth fairy.
Garth: ...
Sam: ...
Dean: ....
Garth: Yeah. I mean, I felt terrible when I ganked that SOB.
Sam: You killed the tooth fairy?
Garth: Yeah, man. I mean, not my proudest moment, but, hey, it happened.

Amelia: You wanna talk about it?
Sam: Last night?
Amelia: No, Dean. You pervert.

Dean: Everyone, at some point, feels they've been screwed.
Garth: Not me, man. I let all that stuff go with the help of my yogi, my "Sega Genesis". And you should too.

Garth: [about to burn the unknown confederate soldier's bones] I feel like we should say something, all right? Don't you? Just a little...
Dean: Sure. We won. [drops match]

Sam: How's that make this our kind of thing?
Dean: Because, Sam, Kevin's in the wind, okay? You're sulking around like a eunuch in a whorehouse, and I can't help but ask myself... when is decapitation not my thing?

Dean: Hey, Chuck Norris.
Garth: Sam? Dean? [embraces them]
Sam: Forgot he was a hugger.

Sam: A Texas Ranger, Garth? Seriously? We're in Missouri.


The Purgatory in Miami is a gay strip club.

The Confederate Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is in Biloxi, Mississippi. Kearney, Missouri does not have one. Kearney is most famous for being the birthplace of Jesse James. The original house still stands and is quite a popular tourist destination.

Garth tells Sam and Dean, "Even if there was any sulfur, Barney Fife and his crew probably contaminated the whole crime scene and any evidence that was here with it." He is referring to the bumbling deputy sheriff from The Andy Griffith Show.

Garth's cover is as a Texas Ranger and he is going by the name "Ranger McCrae" which is a reference to the main character of the novel, and the acclaimed 1989 mini-series, Lonesome Dove. Captain Augustus McCrae was a retired Texas Ranger and was played by Robert Duvall in the mini-series.

As one would expect, Texas Rangers have no jurisdiction or investigative authority outside of Texas.
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Garth certainly likes the costumes. And he looks ridiculous in them.

Where does Garth stow his weaponry in that two-door, flatbed car of his?

I hope I never happen to wind up picking up a cursed penny like that one, as the results would not be pretty. It would, um, have plenty of material to work on in me. It was so cute that Garth was grudge-free.

I did not like seeing all those Confederate flags, but I did appreciate that it was made clear that Dean and Sam didn't like them either. "Hillybilly hankies", heh. I'm so going to use that.
posted by orange swan at 4:17 AM on October 15, 2021 [1 favorite]

Good on Garth for telling Dean that Bobby meant a lot to a large number of hunters and that he wasn’t just important to the boys. It’s also nice to see Garth step up and fill Bobby’s shoes. The hunters need a person who fulfills that role. I don’t, however, like seeing Garth literally become Bobby. That’s a bridge to far and it feels forced. Garth is his own person and should remain as such.

I thought Garth was going to say he was unaffected by the penny because he didn’t have any family or close connections or anybody (left alive) in his life that he cared about. I’m glad that wasn’t the reason and that it’s because he had reached a state of happiness or at least acceptance with his life.

I don’t get the boys being sceptical (or laughing) at the Tooth Fairy revelation. It’s not like they haven’t encountered fairy tales or giant talking teddy bears before. The Tooth Fairy is totally plausible in their universe.
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This is a run of episodes I apparently have no recollection of, which is nice in that they’re essentially new to me and unfortunate in that I do not know what to brace myself for going in, in this case starting with all the Confederate flags.

Random semi-related factoid: Lawrence, KS was settled (on the land of the Kansa tribe) by abolitionists from Massachusetts as part of an effort to bring Kansas into the union as a free state, and it had a big part in the Bleeding Kansas conflict with Missouri in the lead up to the US Civil War. Lawrence was also sacked during the war by Confederate guerrillas mainly from Missouri, including Jesse James.

Having Garth step up to fill Bobby's role is smart, having him copy Bobby’s mannerisms is I guess supposed to be a punchline but just lands weird and sad and awkward and not in the way they’re going for, even (especially?) when he’s otherwise apparently in the running for most well-adjusted person on this show. But getting between Sam and a Dean who has a gun and is not in his right mind is pretty brave.
posted by jameaterblues at 11:23 AM on October 15, 2021 [1 favorite]

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