Supernatural: A Little Slice of Kevin
October 16, 2021 8:02 AM - Season 8, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Crowley, who is determined to have the Word of God translated, has kidnapped Kevin and all the prophets-to-be who are potentially able to read it, and an old friend of Sam and Dean's reappears to help with the rescue effort.


Kevin: Mom! You've got to stop drowning me in holy water every time I go out!

Crowley: It's all very West Side Story, but let's be logical. You look like hell, and I should know.

Crowley: So, on the count of 3... 1, 2... [stabs him]
Samandriel: Ahhh! What happened to 3?
Crowley: I lied. I do that.

Crowley: [torturing Samandriel] This hurts you more than it hurts me, so I can go on forever. Which, in your case, forever means... well, forever.

Crowley: I hope the ruckus down the hall wasn't too off-putting. Construction standards aren't what they were during the Inquisition.

Future Prophet #1: Are we on a spaceship?
Crowley: Sorry?
Future Prophet #3: Snapping us up from our homes, our families, teleporting us to this mother ship.
Crowley: Mother ship?
Future Prophet #1: You're aliens, right?
Crowley: ...

Linda: I hired a witch.
Kevin: A witch?
Linda: Off of Craigslist.

Delta Mendota: I don't suppose you'd tell me the recipe for these bombs?
Linda: You know the rules. "Casual encounters." That means no questions asked.
Kevin: No, Mom, that's another part of Craigslist.

Linda: Listen, you little skank. In the service industry, you always deliver the goods, then you get paid. Even hookers know that.
Delta Mendota: Hmm. Says you. See, my sister's a hooker. So hookers get paid first, and *then* you get the goods.

Benny: I lie. I don't get lied to.

Benny: Aren't you guys all about faith?
Castiel: Not particularly.

Dean: Hey.
Sam: You look like you've -- well, I was gonna say, "You look like you've seen a ghost", but you'd probably be stoked.

Kevin: [reading tablet] "Thus passes the compendium of tablets..."
Crowley: Compendium?
Kevin: It's a collection of things, especially one systematically organized.
Crowley: I know what "compendium" means, Kevin. What does Metatron mean?

Kevin: From the archangel Metatron.
Crowley: The scribe... and suck-up. Took down God's word, picked up His cleaning.

Kevin: [reading tablet] The next is... "The demonic influence on the collective tapestry of the soul."
Crowley: Blah blah blah. Doesn't anyone ever edit this stuff? So far as a writer, God's a snooze. No fun at parties, I hear.

Crowley: Don't provoke me, Kevin. You still have nine fingers.

Castiel: I missed television.


When Sam and Dean interview Betty Hagar about being possessed they employ rock star aliases. Since they already had a Hagar (as in Sammy), Dean became Agent Roth (as in David Lee) with Sam completing the trifecta with a nice rock trivia twist as Agent Malloy. Mitch Malloy was briefly the third lead singer for Van Halen before contractual conflicts prevented him from formally signing causing the band to move on to Gary Cherone.
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I don't get why Castiel couldn't have zapped himself out of Purgatory given he can zap himself anywhere else. And I really doubt he was so important as to be worth many angelic beings to get him out.

Linda Tran hiring a witch off Craigslist and being a bit behind the curve on how Craigslist/sex workers operate was really funny. She and Kevin were doing surprisingly well on their own, but smart and brave and inventive as they are, they were simply up against too much.

How did Linda get that demon into her trunk? He was twice her size.

How did Sam know how to fix a fan or a clogged sink? When would he ever have had any opportunity to learn that sort of thing?
posted by orange swan at 8:06 AM on October 16, 2021

Fixing a fan/ clogged sink isn't technically difficult, especially with a working knowledge of hand tools. I was never trained or anything, but, it's mostly common sense? My current landlord renovated the place by himself, and it's horrendously non-compliant. It's that most people don't want to do it, and when they do, it's a short term solution rather than industry (plumbing, electrical, carpentry, finishing) best practice. Season 8 was 2013? Youtube was around, although not quite as well populated with how-to-videos as today.

Not only drag and dump the demon in the trunk - but truss him up as well.

A former boss of mine was trawling Craigslist for free office furniture and texted a number and got incomprehensible responses. He showed me, I told him it was sex worker acronyms. He didn't believe me. I tagged along with him (and the poor young female coworker he dragged with him) hoping for something interesting - but I guess they looked out the window or something when he texted the number that we were outside the address. I guess they weren't into that particular kind of kink. I checked the craigslist ad, and it was definitely just a wrong telephone number.

Cas mentions that, even back in the world, he's still not at full power. Where the heck did he find the exact same trenchcoat, button up, tie, slacks, and shoes? If it's magic, why not do it before visiting the boys other than to garner sympathy?

Yeah, that's weird that purgatory Dean barely has a 9 o'clock shadow (he normally sports a 5 o'clock shadow most days), when he obvious can grow a beard.

I wonder which show they raided the lighted hexagonal table at Crowley HQ from? It feels familiar.

Sealing the gates of Hell - ... to prevent more souls from entering it? Ripoff from Sandman Slim.

I do really like Dean "remembering it like he needed to" - and the ambiguity of whether Cas is lying or not.

Naomi and the Apple store decor - do human beliefs shape the form of the supernatural (it's a common theme), or do angels feel envy towards humans and adopt human aesthetics (see also, the Trumpish gold-plated everything "Heaven")? Or is it just the (limited) human perception of Heaven? Anyway, I hate it.

I really want to see fiction depicting Heaven as completely incomprehensible. Probably the only time I've seen it was in ST:TNG where Wesley screws up with the Traveler and the Enterprise "goes beyond the visible universe" or something and end up in a space that makes no sense. Not terribly well done, but a bold attempt.

But as a storyline intro (Cas has a new boss, if compelled to keep it secret from the boys), not bad.
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I liked the shadow echoes of the demons on the wall, calling back to the way angels look when they die.
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Anyway, I hate it. I really want to see fiction depicting Heaven as completely incomprehensible.

I get why they went for the heartless corporate direction with angels but I really don't care much for it, and it's not a bad episode in itself but they lean into that a big way here.
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