Leverage: Redemption: The Great Train Job
October 16, 2021 7:40 AM - Season 1, Episode 14 - Subscribe

"Two local farmers are targeted by a hate group, but something more poisonous on the farm leads Team Leverage to a crooked green energy innovator and an old-fashioned Train Heist." (Disclaimer: the very beginning of the episode features gay-bashing, then turns into something entirely different after the first five minutes, involving a fake battery scheme.)

"He's looting a farm and he's using all this hate crime nonsense to cover it up!"
So much for what I said previously: Breanna gets the hots for someone involved in the scheme. HAHAHA THAT IMAGINARY HAIR DOWN SCENE.
Ain't no party like a bachelorette... MOUNTIE party!
The Royal Mounted Canadian Police is the most feared police agency in the world!
"And that's why we don't work in Canada."
"Wait, I stole the Stanley Cup. I forgot where I stored it." "Aren't you glad I found it?"
"THAT is just a wall of lies."
"I've seen your picture and I never forget a face."
"Sorry I threw a sledgehammer." "Are you kidding? Best first date story ever."
"Torturing the youth? We must be feeling better."
Parker still didn't get to rob the train.... still on the bucket list.
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This episode made me long for a Leverage/Due South crossover.
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Your comment makes me long for Due South. (I know it's still out there on lousy-quality dvd or via more piratical methods, but what with having been made in the pre-HD days it's unlikely studio/streamer will go to the expense of clearing all the music and making it HD-streamable. Alas.)
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Vibes of the Theranos scam in this one.
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Totally dig Breanna's laptop stickers, especially the kitty with the surgical mask.

Parker's writing feels wrong this episode.

(Theranos was partially a massive failure of FDA oversight (and utter investor due diligence failure unless there was a bigger fraud going on, ie. massive money laundering using Theranos/ Holmes as the patsy); they flew under pre-market approval radar by [massively improperly] claiming "laboratory derived test" and got away with it for far too long. SMH. But yeah, fraud. You can't "fake it until you make it" when it comes to medicine and medical devices. Maybe some amount of self delusion, but still capital F Fraud. The claims were obviously biophysically impossible from the start - the qualified department heads are now prosecution witnesses, the unqualified ones were in it for the money. Theranos was never their dream - they were just trying to do a job to achieve Holmes' [impossible] "dream"/ delusion/ fraud. This is more straight-up corporate environmental malfeasance.)

Not loving the white nationalists having German backgrounds instead of home grown American with a Nazi Germany/ Apartheid Zuid-Afrika fetish. Especially with the writers giving Breanna the "standing back and standing by" line. They did get the tiki torch mafia/ Hitler Jugend haircuts.

Not sure about RCMP and rail jurisdiction, or if they got mixed up with CN (Canadian National Railway) and CP (Canadian Pacific Railway) police. This felt like it borrowed from an early season episode of 'Archer.' (... s03e06) and it was the writer's "source" for writing this bit.

Canadian judges don't wear those curly wigs, at least not anymore.
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I'm so happy for Breanna! And Harry as a kind of realistic prepper makes SO MUCH SENSE and -- according to Rogers's Twitter -- is sort of the writers tweaking Rogers's nose regarding what HE carries around in the back of his car.
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Hahahahahahah, my trunk tends to look like camping/survivalist. I went out to lunch with a friend and was all "I can put the leftovers in the cooler in my car" and there's like, tons of bags, a box of survival equipment, sleeping bag, and I had a stash of food supplies in there until this weekend.....
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I was really expecting the Mounties to start singing.

Those "Canadian" accents thoug... [shudder]
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They did get the tiki torch mafia/ Hitler Jugend haircuts.

I agree about the Germany thing. It was really clear the dude with the handlebar mustache was supposed to be Gavin McInnes
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