The Adventure Zone: Ethersea - Episode 15
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The Abyssal Auction: Part Two After an unfortunate journey, the Coriolis arrives at a fancy, clandestine deep sea auction house. Time to do what exactly one-third of this party is good at: Shmoozing the room. Additional music in this episode: "Creepy Bell Music 01" by Magmi Soundtrack; and "Piano" and "Late Jazz Piano" by Szegvari.
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I feel like this is finally an episode that plays to the McElroys' best ability as performers acting out a story: Awkwardly trying to interact with NPCs while not straying too far from each other.
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"Starting rumors against the thing you secretly want" is a good strategy so it's great that they utterly failed to enact it.
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I feel like this needs a "Transformers420" tag, because those were the best jokes and I was 100% here for it.
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I may have herniated a disc trying not to laugh out loud at the Skunknuts Wine jingle ("It's where grapes go to hell!") for fear of worrying Mrs. Fedora
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that being said, I kind of feel like the 1 that got rolled on the encounter sheet never really got resolved? Maybe I missed something? Maybe something real bad's going to happen during the return trip?
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Yeah, my guess is Griffin decided not to derail the current adventure and won't play that out until after they're back on the Coriolis.
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Yeah everyone made like getting attacked by the squid was the thing but that was very obviously the method of bringing people into the auction house without them seeing any of their peers' ships. I wonder when that shoe will drop. Feels kinda mean to leave it dangling over their heads like that, but last time they didn't roll for any encounters on the return trip from the clam, when realistically they ought to have. Maybe they'll wait until the return trip to spring the trap this time.
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We know that rolling a 1 is the worst possible on Griffin's chart, but we don't know what it actually is; it could be something along the lines of sinking the ship entirely. Griffin couldn't really deploy something that severe *before* the quest begins because it would also automatically fail the quest, which is not good radio.

My other guess is that Griffin doesn't actually have a specific material consequence in mind for Clint's roll and he's going to use the couple weeks' real time he's just bought himself to come up with something Very Bad that will handicap the ship without making further players' efforts futile.
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