The Morning Show: Testimony
November 14, 2021 7:16 AM - Season 2, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Alex and Bradley try to accept change as a new book promises shocking revelations.
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I am so worried about Alex giving Laura covid when they were singing together! Please don't #buryyourgays.
posted by ellieBOA at 7:17 AM on November 14, 2021

This show is such a colossal mess. And yet I can't stop watching it. I did finally figure out why Embeth Davidz is in the show! I was so confused in season 1 when she had like 1 minute of airtime as Mitch's wife and I remember thinking - "Why would they hire someone as accomplished and excellent as Embeth Davidz for such a puny role?" And then here she is in S2 eviscerating Alex with absolutely devastating truth bombs. When Paige told Alex that she and Mitch were exactly alike I literally gasped. It's so true!! And that look Paige gave Alex when she walked into Mitch's memorial, daggers. I loved it. Also want to say, that while I think this show sometimes feels like a frustrating, unsatisfying slog -- Bradley's interview with Maggie Brener was awesome! That's the Bradley that's interesting and fun to watch, too bad the show only rarely lets us see her doing this type of journalism.

Thanks for the Autostraddle review. I agree that Alex and Laura have more chemistry than Laura and Bradley.
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It might say something about the quality of the show that I've forgotten an episode's details a few days after watching.

I've probably said in a previous thread, I thought the show's plotting has been messy since the tail half of S1.
But now that they're steamrolling toward their S2 endpoint, it has pricked my interest again. Although I'm also getting a little PTSD from this view of early 2020 - anyone else? And now, evidently the cliffhangers will be which characters get covid, and how bad it is.

I think my other issue is that it's difficult for me to like any show that focuses on groups of backstabbing narcissists. (Hi, Succession.)

And Alex being such a narcissist, I'm not sure I'm buying any remorsefulness arc there. I do think Anniston and Witherspoon have been pretty good in this, although it's bizarre they haven't had much screen time together, nor their characters on the show within a show.

I appreciate the surface message about Laura, that she's been through a lot of crap as a visible gay woman, and come out of it stronger. Let's just say, I related heavily to her advice to Bradley to cut the ties with the toxic family. (I needed someone telling me that 25 years ago.)

But there's something about the "cool" way Margulies has played her that's given me a feeling of ulterior motives.
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