Til Death Do Us Blart: 2021
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Justin has enjoyed Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 in an exciting new way this year, while Tim ponders the archival nature of the project. Griffin is soothed by the comedy stylings of Gary Valentine and Ana Gasteyer and Travis believes Kevin James will do anything to feel cool.

Current hosts: Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy, Tim Batt and Guy Montgomery
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2015: This film sucks (Travis: I made a list of the 11 times I laughed).
2016: I remember this film being OK? No, this film SUCKS. Our partners refused to watch it with us. (Travis: I made a list of the 13 times I laughed).
2017: This film is actually pretty funny, also it syncs up with Dark Side Of The Moon (Travis: I made a list of the times Justin laughed).
2018: **Existential despair**
2019: HOW is this film is SO BA- wait, I think we've talked about this before. (Tim: I can only get through this film using hallucinogens).
2020: If good art is used in bad art, is the good art bad? And why is everyone walking around with guns??
2021: We can't bare to talk about the film any more so let's just have a meta-discussion about the podcast. (Travis: I laughed one time).
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Legitimately my only Thanksgiving tradition is listening to this podcast. It's a highlight of every year.

This was a good year, I think in part because they didn't recap the movie but just got into what the movie means to them as well as the weight of this podcast on their lives. Tim's ongoing concern over Griffin's mental health was pretty great (and captured on the official Twitter account).
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Legitimately my only Thanksgiving tradition is listening to this podcast.


I feel like the foreign dubs might be a rich new source of comedy.
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I love that the intro included the follow up from last year on “So how’s your Emmanuelle season of Worst Idea going?”

Best currently-running McElroy property (with Monster Factory on apparent hiatus). Probably not a coincidence that it’s the least frequently running one.
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Thinking about how much easier this would be for them if they took listener questions but none of them are put together enough to maintain an Email address they only check once a year.
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I thought it was funny that Justin discovered my trick of watching things in French. Netflix has French dubs for a lot of stuff and it improves just about everything.
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One week to go. Maybe time to start your re-listens? Not sure I can do the whole lot again this year, maybe just the last couple.
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Seems like I missed this last year but this one was available on Youtube with video.
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