And Just Like That...: Tragically Hip
December 30, 2021 2:47 PM - Season 1, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Further adventures of Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and the rest of the gang.

Charlotte coordinates Carrie's post-operative care following her hip surgery. During a zoom meeting with her mom-friends, Charlotte learns that daughter Rose now calls herself "Rock." Miranda receives a book from Amazon about quitting drinking and thinks Charlotte sent it anonymously. She denies having a problem. During a podcast, Carrie shares an intimate memory and mentions Samantha's name. She later texts Sam so she knows. Samantha replies it is okay, but gives no other response. Harry and Charlotte are confused after meeting with Rose's school administrator and counselor about her undetermined sexual identity. Che stops by Carrie's apartment when Miranda is there. While Carrie is napping, Che and Miranda drink tequila, then have sex in the kitchen. The noise awakens Carrie, who sees their reflections in the full-length mirror. After Che leaves, Carrie angrily confronts Miranda about it and her drinking. Miranda reveals how unhappy her life and marriage are. Later at home, Miranda receives an Amazon notification about the book and realizes that she ordered it and other items while blind drunk. She dumps out all her liquor. Three months later, Carrie has healed and can again wear high heels.
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It would have been far more interesting had Carrie opted for using a wheelchair.
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This continues my general impression of the series so far: I can't stop cringing...and also I can't possibly consider not watching. So much of this is familiar to me, a woman in her 50s, even though so much of it is alien to my lifestyle.
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I’m not sure the writers really understand what the phrase “and just like that” means.
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This episode was written by Sam Irby, a writer that I love, and I was kind of waiting for evidence of her presence on this show's staff. I didn't hear Sam's voice in this, and maybe that's as it ought to be on a property that's existed so long. I'm watching more as a curiosity than from enjoyment.
posted by gladly at 5:38 PM on December 31, 2021

I'm surprised by how much I like this show. It's absolutely dumb but it has moments and feels very female-gaze, the clothes, the beefy dude carrying her up the stairs! And Charlotte in her anxious mothering is so adorable.
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My favorite storyline this episode was Charlotte's. It rang true to me as a relative/friend of some trans folks who have dealt with various parental reactions on the way to acceptance. Go Lily being a supportive big sister! Although would a 12-year-old really write a Tiktok rap that sounded like that? (On second thought, I'm really glad that social media wasn't around when my I was writing songs for t he girl group my friends and I started on the playground. Yikes!)

I'm glad to see things actually happening with Miranda's storyline, though I'm sad the writers have made Steve totally checked out and wow is it messy.

Carrie has never ever been my favorite, so I'll just say that I'd hate-listen to that podcast if I could stand to listen at all and I rolled my eyes at the parts about high-heeled shoes.

I miss Samantha too.
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I think so far this season, this was my favorite episode - it seemed a little (relatively) more grounded and realistic in the writing and dialogue, and seems like the series is finding its footing a bit more.
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I feel like this series has FINALLY moved past its awkward stage (the painful and artificial and forced reckoning with ... idk, let's call it "wokeness" for want of a better term) and settled into what its trying to say. Which, it turns out, is something quite hefty: something about survival, something about how our survival is the same as the survival of our tribe, something about how our survival depends on letting each other be and sticking around? It seems as if the growing pains were part of this thesis. You let the show be, you stick around, you take the awkward phase in stride, and it all adds up to something.

I really like this show all of a sudden. I was just watching for nostalgia's sake before, but this is nice. This is lovely, even.
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