The Witcher: Fireplace
January 5, 2022 7:21 PM - Season 2 (Specials) - Subscribe

It's a yule log, except it's a fireplace, with soundtrack music from The Witcher.

There's nothing to discuss except how wild it is that this is maybe the first tie-in yule log.
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Have I got an article for you! It discusses Yule log franchise tie-ins and whether they’re canon.
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I had no idea this was A Thing! That’s great.
posted by curious nu at 8:00 PM on January 5


Is it on Netflix??
posted by cendawanita at 10:10 PM on January 5

Yes it's on Netflix.
posted by Coaticass at 1:00 AM on January 6

Uh, I dunno if it counts as a tie-in, but rifftrax did a Yule log way long years ago:
posted by valkane at 8:13 AM on January 6

Discovering this the other day really cheered (warmed?) me up.
posted by gakiko at 1:33 AM on January 7

It's really good!
posted by lazaruslong at 5:31 AM on January 7

I am definitely here for the Yule Log Extended Universe (YLEU). This one is much more pleasantly crackly and authentic than the Arandelle, but still not as good as my personal OG favorite, Fireplace for Your Home: Birch Edition.

I do have an actual gas fireplace in my home, but in this decade, the 2020s, some days are just two-fireplace days.
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