Star Trek: Prodigy: First Con-tact
January 13, 2022 4:14 AM - Season 1, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Dal makes the mistake of bringing his old Ferengi friend along to a world of sound and fury.

Rule of Trek FanFare #10: Memory Alpha is eternal.

• The "Window of Dreams" mentioned by Gwyn previously appeared in VOY: "Body and Soul" (FF previously). Dal mentioned it in the series premiere episode "Lost and Found."

• The line "Floor pie" is a reference to The Simpsons season 5 episode "Boy-Scoutz 'n the Hood."

Poster's Log:
Those are the fattest tube grubs I've ever seen. Must be replicated.

Much of the music in this one, AND the design of the aliens, so strongly reminded me of The Abyss that I suspect an intentional homage. Great movie, gotta watch it again sometime.

I didn't notice it in the last episode, but Chakotay's uniform has a cut that I don't think we've seen before. Relevant comparisons: Early 2380s, Mid-2380s, 2390s, alternate timelines.

According to MA, season 1 is to contain 20 episodes. That would explain the slow burn on the Diviner story arc.
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Really enjoyed this one. Amazing what can be done with particle effects in computer animation these days.

We're definitely in the era of Grand Nagus Rom's reforms for Ferengi culture with a female Ferengi out with her own ship.

Oh, and yeah, the story is a simple moral lesson that introduces the concept of the Prime Directive to a new audience.
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The MA page was moved here; there's apparently some dispute about the quote-endquote real name of the episode. (The title card didn't have the pun-genic hyphen in the name.)

- Another hole in Quark's assertion that the Ferengi never had slavery (in DS9's "The Jem'Hadar"); other MA entries point out that their treatment of women (that indeed seems to be inoperative in the Rom Administration), and here it seems that Ferengi will sell people--maybe the distinction is that they don't keep slaves?

- Those tube grubs reminded me a lot of the things that the parasite-infected people were eating in TNG's "Conspiracy."

- The Klingon cloaking device was seen in DS9's "The Emperor's New Cloak"; it's quite a bit different than the Romulan version.

- I've never seen The Abyss; maybe I should watch that next instead of watching T2 again.

- So the mystery boarder in the cam footage was Drednok, or at least someone of its make/model?
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Yeah, I thought Robo-McPoyle the moment Janeway reviewed the footage the first time. I predict Chakotay is a prisoner of the bad guys, or maybe marooned someplace by them.
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• The line "Floor pie" is a reference to The Simpsons season 5 episode "Boy-Scoutz 'n the Hood."

See Also: Badger's TOS Pie Eating Contest Script
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OT but sorta not: Paramount+ announced its Trek schedule through spring, with the rest of DIS S4, PIC S2, and the premiere of Strange New Worlds slightly overlapping, with S3 of LD later in the summer.
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The title card has been revised to match the episode title as seen elsewhere, "First Con-tact."

This is not the first time in Trek an on-screen episode title has been corrected. DS9 S2E07 "Rules of Acquisition" was titled "Rules of Aquisition" in its first airing.
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For Mr. Encyclopedia two episodes back, this was the episode where the team learned about transporters.
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