Peacemaker: Monkey Dory
January 27, 2022 5:45 PM - Season 1, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Eat peace, motherf*ckers.
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Misspelled the title.
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I never expected to, but I've grown really fond of Eagly. The CG isn't first rate, but it's good enough and a lot of character shines through.

This entire show has far exceeded my expectations.

Small strange detail: about 19 minutes, there's a sign: "Danger - Caustic Solutioning in Progress - Do not enter" is completely nonsensical but not nonsensical enough to be inadvertent.
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Misspelled the title.

Should have been Monkey Gory, eh? Eh? I’ll see myself out.
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If you’d asked me a year ago if I’d watch a weekly series about a third-string DC character, I doubtless would have shrugged and said no. If you’d offered up that it would include the line, “It’s a grenade I tied to a Russian tank shell,” I’m not sure I would change my mind. But you know, life is for learning.
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Oh DC and your ape obsession, never change...
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Talking ape obsession, and part of the fun is seeing how many you can name off the top of your head; just in gorillas, we've got Gorilla Grodd, of course, the Ultra-Humanite in one of his forms, Monsieur Mallah, Primaul, and Congorilla. Probably Jimmy Olson has become one at some point in the Silver Age. And that's just gorillas proper; you also have Detective Chimp and Beppo the Super-Monkey. (There's a seemingly-comprehensive list here; it's not short.) I think that Marvel had some event where everyone became an ape, but that's just cheating.

The rest of the episode seems mostly there to move the plot along. I kind of knew what would happen with the X-ray helmet from the point that it was introduced. Not sure what the whole thing with Peacemaker's journal (or "journal" if it's been faked or altered) is; we've seen it before, and it looks like something that he'd make. The fake police chief doesn't seem to be another deep-cut DC character; I'm wondering more about Keeya, Adebayo's wife, who keeps popping up and who may have a bigger part to play, given that she's part of the dance montage. (And, yes, I'm looking at the dance montage for clues.)
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MetaFilter: I'm looking at the dance montage for clues
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Something I find really clever about this show is how it manages to create genuinely heartfelt moments out of truly awful situations. The sequence where they are bonding in the can on the dryer home was really sweet... covered in the blood of a gorilla they murdered with a chainsaw and having just blown up a lot of people.

It's such clever writing and performances.

I've also realized that I really like super smart TV that includes really dumb jokes. The name-people-I-could-have-framed bit, the penis nicknames... it reminded me how much I love Bojack Horseman, which is both incredibly deep and crammed with animal puns.
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I don't know if this has been discussed before in these fanfares, but the dance montage is easily explained as a version of space invaders. It explains so much about the stilted moves.

Not sure what the whole thing with Peacemaker's journal (or "journal" if it's been faked or altered) is;

It seems like a fairly obvious Checkov's gun for Adebayo to have to choose between Waller and Chris at some crucial, episode 9 moment.
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James Gunn better not kill off Eagly. I would be really pissed.
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They sure are jumping through a lot of hoops to make sure Harcourt’s not around whenever anyone has the x-ray helmet active.

I have rewatched Peacemaker shouting out various names who aren’t his father three times now. Cena has always been a good promo, but that was next level.
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There's a longer version of the people-to-frame bit after the credits, in case you missed it.
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I did not know there were after-credit bits. Thanks!
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I completely missed that the list included Freddie Stroma and James Gunn, and that Economos replied "those last two aren't even things!"

(Yeah, yeah I'm 23 days late. I didn't expect to like the show so I put it off.)
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Mod note: Fixed the title.
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