Ozark: Ozark Season 4 - First Half (Episodes 1-7)
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We binged all available season 4 episodes this week. Anybody else watching? Apparently, the rest of the season will be released after May 31, which will make the season eligible for Emmy awards in two years instead of just one. I
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I didn’t watch previous seasons of Ozark, but this was on in my house so I watched it. I did the first episode of the series so I was more or less clear on the conceit.

I really love the way Jason Bateman plays Marty as so unflappable. Every situation is just a problem to be solved.
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Missouri Belle -> miserable.

I don't know why it didn't occur to me sooner, and I have to think it was deliberate on the part of the writers/producers. By this point in the series, the Byrdes are exhausted and trying to get out.
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I held off watching season three for reasons and only got caught up last week. Been watching four now.
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Just finished episode 6 and was pleasantly surprised to see Robin Wright’s directing credit.

It really seems like people ought to know better than to go over to Darlene Snell’s house by this point in the series. What was Frank Sr even thinking? She already shot your son in the groin, guy. Don’t show up in her living room to yell at her.
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Also catching up on Season 3 here.
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Just finished episode 7. It’s been quite the journey and I am glad I don’t have to wait *too* long to find out how it ends. I am intrigued by the car crash, and I really hope it doesn’t turn out to be some silly plot contrivance or silly coda to the story. Although silly plot contrivances are the shows raison d'etre so who knows!
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Just finished ep 7 last night. I'm also glad we don't have to wait too long for the end.

Are we supposed to know the person Ruth visited? It's implied to be her aunt maybe? But I'm thinking it is her mother, hurt by the drunk driver when Ruth was 8, and in an altered mental state?

I did actually feel bad for Wyatt.

As for everybody still alive after the body count this season, it's really hard to see a happy ending for anyone. Maybe the PI. Hopefully Ruth.
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Are we supposed to know the person Ruth visited?

I assumed not, and that we were just supposed to assume she is a cousin (or aunt). Out of curiosity I checked IMDB and it confirmed the character hasn't appeared before, but will appear in the rest of the season, so I guess we'll get clarity.
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The one thought I want to share is my disappointment with the writers.

In the very first episode, Del tells Marty he has to perform or Del will kill him, Wendy, and the kids. and not in that order. But here we see Omar declare he doesn't kill children and all that. So either Del's original threat was a bluff or he was some kind of free agent? Whatever!
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It's been hard to watch this episodes, because everyone is so thoroughly unlikable, except for Ruth and Jonah. Admittedly watching Wendy become even more of a monster is interesting, but only to a point, not sure why anyone would feel safe around her.

I'm only on episode five, wish more was done with Charlotte, to figure what makes her so agreeably to go into the family business.
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What a cliffhanger. (She has no idea where Javi is, neither does Jonah - who doesn't accompany her, so the suspense is who she goes after as a proxy?)

I think that Charlotte is just an innocent and going with the flow for moneyed-life.

There's that sibling conflict where parents play favourites. She had always been successfully manipulated by her mom.

COD, I love your episodes reference style for a split seasons for shows on FanFare.
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out of everyone, I feel particularly bad for Clare Shaw. she'd already been handed a shit sandwich, but now she's neck deep in cartel business. Wendy really took her for a ride and now she's stuck (and other things that rhyme with stuck, duck, truck...)

of course I feel the most for Ruth, who has only ever had shit sandwiches, as far as I can tell...I would love to see her get out, and find a place, people, who would value her and lift her up, instead of seeing her as an ignorant resource to be exploited. I'm not super hopeful...
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But here we see Omar declare he doesn't kill children and all that

I felt the appropriate response to Omar was that he wouldn't, but Javi would.

Still kind of stunned about Darlene - not that it happened, because some type of reckoning was coming there for a long time - but that it was so sudden. Though it makes sense - Marty talks his way out of everything, Darlene grabs a gun and ends things. But here she had only Marty's tools, and Javi...well, Javi is like Darlene.

I'm not sure I like anyone on this show, but I need to see how it ends and how much more damage - intentional and collateral - the Byrdes do on the way out.
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out of everyone, I feel particularly bad for Clare Shaw

I felt twinges of that, but...I think there have been details here and there that reveal she's always understood the ruthless amoral calculus underlying her family's business (which, we're reminded, has probably killed more people than the cartels), and indeed operates under those same principles. (On a smaller scale, she sure seemed just about ready to have a couple "ATVers" killed to keep the business from, what, missing its quarterly earnings goals?)
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