Murder, She Wrote: The Perfect Foil   Rewatch 
January 14, 2015 11:42 AM - Season 2, Episode 21 - Subscribe

Jessica travels to New Orleans, but the good times can't roll when her cousin suspected of murder.
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Even Jessica has to put up with busybody relatives.
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Unrelated to this episode, I wanted to share my dream for something like the SNL spoof of an early 90s reboot of Blossom based in Barbados, but for Murder, She Wrote. Mostly because I want Murda, She Wrote to be a real thing.
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Also unrelated to the episode, but
Murder She Wrote - The Many Epiphanies Of Jessica Fletcher
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Even Jessica has to put up with busybody relatives.
But these aren't the worst of busybody relatives. Just wait until the 3rd season opener!

Murder She Wrote - The Many Epiphanies Of Jessica Fletcher
The YT link is dead, is the content the same as this almost hour long video on Vimeo?

Back to this episode, I wish cousin Cal was developed more. His butterfly and insect collection was fascinating, but only served as a backdrop. I was hoping Peter Bonerz would have other credits in MSW, when he actually ends up in the Amazon, and Jessica has to save him again. Alas, that's the last we see of Bonerz in the season (yes, I am 12 years old again - bonerz).
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This was another episode where the pacing felt a little unusual by design but highlights Jessica's keen powers of observation: the characters at the party, the costumes, exact phrases that were said. I liked the touch about the couch being moved and the timing when people came in and out of the room.

I would have loved to see more of cousin Cal! This credit seems to be missing from his IMDB page.... weird.

Filling in the M,SW bingo card:
- Jessica visits a relative
- Jessica's relative becomes a murder suspect
- Jessica gets wined and dined by spectacularly flirtatious subject
- Jessica wears her gold circle brooch

New square on the bingo card:
- Jessica's wide-eyed reaction at the appearance of the glistening executioner
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