Killing Eve: Just Dunk Me
February 28, 2022 4:41 PM - Season 4, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Eve wants revenge. Villanelle joins a church. Carolyn wants to get back in the game.
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I could have done without the cat-killing. Not sure how I feel about Villanelle's whole deal this episode. But I did enjoy all of Eve's scenes, and since this is the last season I'll keep watching.
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It's been a (subjectively) long time since season 3; Eve's power leveling is a bit jarring.

Not to say, I didn't enjoy seeing Eve being a badass and having fun ("Are you looking at my ass?" | "Yes.").

Nor seeing Villenelle trying her damnest to be "good" and failing spectacularly (I loved - loved - her WTF eyes after dunking herself; that's a great shot and great face acting).

I'm torn over whether I want this season to end feel-good, a stomach dropping crash of reality, or something as goofy as this season premiere is promising.
posted by porpoise at 9:41 PM on February 28, 2022

I’m just so happy it’s back! Drag Jesus was brilliant too.

Vulture review / Autostraddle review.
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i almost shut it off at the cat-killing. it was just, so predictable. and unfunny. i was really disappointed with these first 2 episodes. what kept me watching is the acting - Oh, Comer and Shaw are simply amazing at what they do, even given the tiresome material. i think that this season's show runner, Laura Neal, is in over her head. it is certainly a steep drop from Waller-Bridge's fabulous 1st season, to this one. i'm not sure i have the will continue with it.
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