The Gilded Age: Heads Have Rolled for Less
February 28, 2022 7:18 PM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

As George fights to protect his public image, Agnes' status quo is disrupted and Armstrong intensifies her campaign against Peggy.

"Mamie Fish throws a doll tea party for the young people. It’s extremely weird. I would definitely go."—from Alice Burton's 4-star recap for Vulture.

"If Carrie Coon somehow tops that hat from the Red Cross meeting, I will eat one."—from Ani Bundel's A-grade recap for The AV Club.
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Well, we finally got what we've been waiting for, they let Baranski cross the street!
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I binged the prior episodes this past weekend (this show is in the sweet spot of interesting enough to keep watching but not so engrossing I have to actually focus), so I'm pleased to be caught up.

I'm with Bannister in needing to know who ratted him out. My money is on Church.

I am completely fine with the plot being just "women who don't like each other," especially when the women are on Baranski and Coon's level.

I regret that I do not care about Mr. Russell's sabotage issues anymore than his wife does. He is probably correct that it is more important than social climbing luncheons, but his business woes lack a compelling antagonist, so unless an entertainingly conniving culprit emerges, I'm going to need him to leave his work at the office.

Peggy never gets enough time for my tastes, let's get her a spin off.
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I bet it was Turner. She’s a snake!

Also, Marion sure is naive to not notice how quickly Raikes managed to propel himself into upper society. There’s something he’s hiding and I can’t wait to find out.
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Late to the watch, just wanted to say that scene of Mrs. Russell hiring Bannister in front of Church was so well done. The main theme, Russell just absolutely humiliating Church and not caring at all. And then the shocking vulgarity of her just saying out loud "how about $100?" So much of this season has been about how Russell is the "good" character, we're supposed to be cheering for her. But she makes mistakes and is cruel and also is, actually, vulgar new money at times. I like that subtlety.
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