The Gilded Age: Irresistible Change
March 7, 2022 7:22 PM - Season 1, Episode 7 - Subscribe

As a historic moment captures the city, Agnes vows to protect her family’s reputation, while Larry’s career plans rub George the wrong way.

"What if, in one scene, Tom fell down a hole and then we never spoke of him again?"—from Alice Burton's 4-star Vulture recap.
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I would gladly push Tom down a hole if he wouldn't fall down one. He is boring, and I know we're supposed to be wondering what his secret is, and I just don't care about him at all.

Alice Burton is extremely correct: I have no idea which servants go with which household. And they switched the damn butler that one time, and now I'm pretty sure that I'll never learn.

I still enjoy watching this beautiful show, but I would like it 10% more if they could tell me why social position matters more than her husband's freedom to Bertha. I think Carrie Coons is tremendous, but she can only go so long proclaiming that she has a grand plan and she knows what she wants before I get bored of that.

I actually enjoy Marian, her aunts, and Peggy. I do want to know what Peggy's secret is, and I hope if awful Tom has been helping her with it, then he's at least done that well.
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I think Bertha just doesn't believe Mr. Russell could actually be held liable for the crash. My guess is that situation will progress a little closer to trial before he's cleared, and Coon will get a tearing of hair, gnashing of teeth realization scene. She is being surprisingly tone deaf about Mr. Russell's concerns though, even if she thinks they're unfounded.

Mrs. Chamberlain has a hell of an art collection.

I was surprised Miss Turner was actually let go, but I assume there'll be more shit stirring to come from that quarter. Do we know of someone else in the cast of characters who needs a ladies maid? I can't imagine she's disappearing, but if there was a Chekov's "help wanted" ad, I do not recall it.
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The extravagance of the costumes makes me feel a bit anxious. They had to have spent so, so much money.
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but I would like it 10% more if they could tell me why social position matters more than her husband's freedom to Bertha

My feeling is that Bertha is autistic (yes yes it's just my head canon but hear me out) & it's not that her husband's freedom doesn't matter, of course it does, but forcing their way into society is Bertha's job, her profession, and her responsibility to her family & especially to her children. She takes it exactly as serious as it is (and it's literally very serious), and so that's what she wants to talk about. It comes off as callous and cruel because she's not instantly track switching to the "devoted wife" line and rushing to his feet to comfort him because she's got her own shit on her mind. And that's ok! He has to realize too that she's also doing a job that *he needs her* to be successful at, and she needs support too.
Her "grand plan" is to be seen as one of "the old people" in the least number of decades she can manage it and it's really not easy or simple.
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I want a whole spin-off of the Fanes gossiping at home after stuff happens. The looks on their faces when Raikes was flirting!
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