My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 600: Awesome Sanguine Meridian Response
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Hey so there's some soundbites in here that you definitely shouldn't be using out of context. It's a really bad idea. We promise. No one wants to hear them, trust us. Suggested talking points: CFO Jerimoo, Gab-battical, Mr. Shivers, Ruin Those Bodies, Extra-Crispy Sin
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Thank you.
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What with the chicken wars and donut wars, why is there no chicken donut?
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Nadiya Hussain’s Pulled Chicken Doughnuts

I can't even imagine what levels of chaos you could achieve if you really dug through all 600 episodes for out-of-context soundbites.

The fandom should really arrange for something like flowers to be sent to each of their houses for the 700th.
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