Feria: The Darkest Light: Season One
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Two sisters try to untangle their parents' involvement in a tragic event in this Spanish Netflix show, which features Gnostic sex cults, a small town hiding a secret, seeming demonic possession, light body horror, and copious nudity.

The setting of this show in a small Spanish town reminds me of 30 Coins, as do the religious themes, though the tone is much more serious and less gonzo. The amount of nudity makes me think of this as the Lifeforce of Spanish Netflix horror series. Its explanation of Gnosticism is surprisingly not bad, until they start layering the tropes on top of it.
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Saw the first episode tonight - pretty interesting! Though, it started reminding me of the fact that I've seen SO many "small European town with a dark secret" shows on Netflix. I totally get why critics come up with genre names. I'm gonna keep watching!
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Finished it - definitely worth it. Balanced a few kinds of horror, along with personal/family drama that made sense for the most part, without going too hard in one direction and spoiling anything. I don't want to reveal too much, but the effects are a lot better than I was expecting.
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I feel like this is worth watching, but could have been really great. I'm only 3 episodes into the show, so my opinions may change once I get further through it.

The show drove me to read up on Gnosticism since I'd some how never gotten around to figuring out what that was all about.

Interesting that the sister characters of Sofia and Eva are likely meant to be references to Sophia (Wisdom) who was in various gnostic texts presented as a feminine aspect of god or the mother of God or the female twin of Christ and Eve from Adam and Eve who plays a related but different tole in the the gnostic creation stories. But for some reason, the show make the younger sister Sofia rather than making Sofia the older sister or the mother.

I assume because they wanted somebody who was younger and more naive to take the journey, but I do find myself wondering if a more cohesive script was altered by some producer's notes.

I am also a little disappointed that the detective particularly, but everybody in general keeps making dumb or unbelievable choices in service of the plot.
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everybody in general keeps making dumb or unbelievable choices

Yeah, there's a fair amount of "carry the idiot ball" that's used to advance the plot. Overall I found the two sisters and their relationship to be kind of the least interesting thing in the series, which is unfortunate because that's what the whole show revolves around. But I liked the background characters and the history of the cult, and the police procedural elements were nothing new but I thought they were reasonably fun.
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