Sample This (2012)
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A rockumentary about the Incredible Bongo Band's version of the song "Apache," which you might have heard sampled once or twice.
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That was not the rockumentary I thought it would be, but I enjoyed it anyway. I was expecting it to start with Apache and then go into all the songs it was sampled in, but instead it started with the assassination of Robert Kennedy and then got into The Thing With Two Heads and then... well, by that point I was just along for the ride.
posted by The corpse in the library at 7:06 PM on March 19, 2022

Thanks for posting this! I saw this on Netflix... a while back, I guess. The most surprising thing for me was the heavy presence of Gene Simmons, who I wouldn't normally expect to have a key part in what I assumed on the way in was a documentary about hip-hop sampling. But there y'go. I'd already seen a documentary at some point about the Amen Break, and this was a great complement.
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