Parallels (2015)
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IMDB: "An underground MMA fighter must confront his sister and his past in an adventure through parallel universes"
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Another entry in my let's watch some multiverse shows club / notes to self.

This isn't related to Parallel (in an Alien / Aliens sort of way), or to a Disney series coming out this week, maybe aka Paralleles, though these all have multiverses.

This was a TV pilot that wasn’t picked up. It doesn't feel like anything was added or edited to make it a movie. So, it feels incomplete - it doesn't have an ending, it just stops.

This wasn't available for free streaming anywhere I could find, though the common title didn’t help.
This feels like an SCP.
Boo for ripping off their parallel selves.
Beatrix, the daughter, is played by Jessica Rothe, who later played the lead role in the time loop movies Happy Death Day and its sequel, which (squinting) maybe bear examination for multiverse hijinks, I forget.

Universes seen: 3
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