Better Call Saul: Official Season 6 Trailer
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The trailer for Better Call Saul season 6 is out, and after a long hiatus, the series starts April 18!
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The trailer looks great. Really excited for this last season!
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Fortuitous timing… we’re doing a rewatch of Breaking Bad and just watched the episode “Better Call Saul,” the first appearance of Saul Goodman. It was funny to watch him sleaze it up, considering how much deeper his character has gotten over the course of his own show.
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All I want is for Kim to be safe.
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Thanks for the reminder to sign up for AMC + or whatever their brand of streaming is. It's been so long since the last season, I have changed my whole TV watching deal in the meantime.

Seconding wanting Kim to be ok! And Nacho's family. Might need to rewatch at least the last season for a refresher.
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I'm also worried about Gene.
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I'm pretty sure we have wound up doing a rewatch before every season & it's always a good idea.
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I think I'm behind a season. Did season 5 ever actually air in Canada?
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"Whatever happens next... is not gonna go down the way you think it is" is exactly the promise that I wanted to hear.
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What are the chances Kim talked herself into a cartel lawyer job when she was giving Lalo the business for having a poorly run organization?
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I like it—it could end up with Kim being the most morally compromised, and most successful of the principle characters.
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I think I'm behind a season. Did season 5 ever actually air in Canada?

Yep, on AMC in Canada if you've got it on cable, or AMC+. We got rid of cable a while back, so I ended up just forking out for seasons 4 and 5 on Apple TV as they became available (there was a day or so lag between the air date and the episode becoming available via Apple).

Season 5 is now available on Netflix in Canada.
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That American Greed segment was great, especially when we see a couple of people that we haven't seen (IIRC) since S1, giving a, ah, alternate version of events.
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I'm in season 2 of my latest rewatch of Better Call Saul. I gonna go all the way through Better Call Saul, then Breaking Bad, then Camino (I've seen both of the latter two).

I'm not gonna argue that Better Call Saul is a better show than Breaking Bad, but I definitely like Better Call Saul more. Both shows are excellent (and obviously quite similar) in terms of acting, writing, directing, cinematography, and overall style, but I like the Better Call Saul characters more I do than the characters on the earlier show.
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In rewatching season 5 one of my main observations is that Tony Dalton is criminally underused. The Lalo backstory would be a good candidate for the next spin off
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In the trailer who is that who pops up in front of Lalo in the last image?
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As we prepare for the new season - I have liked the following from OneTake which can serve as a catch-up prior to Season 6:
Mike Ehrmantraut: Parking Attendant to Lethal Enforcer
Gus Fring: Scarier Than We Thought
McGill v. McGill: The Birth of Saul Goodman
Better Call Saul: The Importance of Objects
Better Call Saul v. Breaking Bad

Also , from Pete Peppers - Better Call Saul Season 6 Trailer Breakdown
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