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January 14, 2015 10:22 AM - Season 6, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Don has a disagreement with a client; Pete and Trudy entertain some guests; Peggy tries to motivate the staff; Joan is visited by someone from her past.
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Don's handling of the Jaguar guys in the conference room (Roger: "That was the deftest self-immolation I've ever seen.") foreshadows his complete breakdown in the final episode of the season.

So far this season Stan has been constantly stoned.
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Pete and Don are both doing the same thing in this episode, and Don continues to pull it off while it blows up in Pete's face.
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I kinda like how any possibility of sympathy for Sylvia is removed in the this episode. From me at least. She sleeps with Don, takes his money, but doesn't want to eat with him in public, even though there's no possibility of suspicion towards their affair. And then she's all judgey of Megan's ambivalence towards having a child. Ugh.
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Oh hey, that's the first appearance of Tammy's babysitter from Season 7 Episode 11! Or do they just look exactly the same?
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