Still Just a Geek: An Annotated Memoir
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Metafilter's own Wil Wheaton revisits his 2004 book Just a Geek. The result is two books in one, the original Just a Geek, and a book's worth of annotations with a happier, more content, more mature Wil wondering what the hell he was thinking when he wrote some of that stuff.
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Considering how Wil got treated here in the early days, we may have lost the right to call him "Metafilter's Own".
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I started reading it but got tired of the self-flagellation contained in two introductions and multiple footnotes. I like what he's saying but... we get it.
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Threeve I had the same experience. I think it was exacerbated because I was listening to the audio book so could not easily skip footnotes or skim. I suspect later chapters were much better but I found the constant self conscious self interruption really difficult to get into.
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@Zumbador - he did mellow out on the self-flagellation after the first few chapters. The font choices the publisher made were a little challenging too. I had a hard time discerning the various indicators to match up to the annotations. Overall, though, it was an interesting book, and I'm glad I finished it. I'm glad Wil has found some peace and balance in his life too.
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