Mystery Science Theater 3000: THE PUMAMAN   Rewatch 
June 8, 2022 4:41 PM - Season 9, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Re-rewatch! A fan favorite (it was first in our informal poll of the best MST3K episodes), The Pumaman is the story of a guy who gets thrown out of a window by an Aztec priest and survives, and so he has to stop Donald Pleasence from taking over the world. He has practically no feline characteristics, but that's okay, because his powers don't seem very pumoid anyway. He can fly, sort of? It's certainly not Superman-level flying. It's more dangling-from-a-baby's-mobile kind of flying. It's nearly a perfect movie for riffing. Previously and again.
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I was not aware of this until now. Yet another opinion to reserve, how vexacious.
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It's getting pretty fucking annoying waiting around for a major studio to pick up this IP and grow the Umaman Family Cinematic Universe, where Thep and Vidalia train a younger and more marketable generation of whiny, avoidant heroes.
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"I hate to be picky, but pumas aren't really known for flying."
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We're getting things ready for tonight's show at MST Club now, at Shows are Thursday nights beginning at 7 PM Eastern, with the feature episode itself starting at 9 PM!
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