Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Tech Monopolies
June 14, 2022 5:02 AM - Season 9, Episode 14 - Subscribe

This week... the January 6th hearings have begun. A Republican Senate primary in Arizona is getting competitive, between current Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich and opponents such as Jim Lamon and Blake Masters, who admires the Unabomber as a "subversive thinker." And Now: Sean Hannity's Favorite Joke. ("It's an Adam Schiff-show") Main story: tech monopolies, especially Apple, Google, and Amazon, and how they often preference their own products when you turn to them for information, software, or merchandise. On YouTube (27 minutes). Look out for a cameo by three movies from Video Brinquedo!
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I am genuinely surprised every time Hannity makes an appearance here (or anywhere). In my mind, he's been so thoroughly supplanted by Tucker Carlson that I have to recalibrate to "Oh, that asshole is still around too?"
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honestly not one of the strongest eps -- it seemed like the information density was ratcheted up a good bit and it didn't leave enough room for much else. JO's whole thing is dense and fast speech etc but this one especially seemed like it could have used a bit of editing to get the main story down a couple hundred words.
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