Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Rent
June 20, 2022 4:33 PM - Season 9, Episode 15 - Subscribe

This week.... The January 6 investigation continues, revealing the complicity of Trump's legal advisor John Eastman. Republicans across the country are fielding election deniers in positions for public office, such as conspiracy theorist and QAnon ally Jim Marchant, the Republican nominee for Secretary of State in Nevada. And Now: In Honor of Father's Day, ZADDIES. Main story: Rent, which has been skyrocketing across the nation, a crisis that's been with us for multiple decades, has gotten much much worse lately, and no one seems willing to do anything about. On YouTube (22 minutes). And Now: It's Always Happy Hour on QVC.

The "America First Secretary of State Coalition" is led by Jim Marchant, and contains these other candidates, every one of them a terrible person, whose names are presented for purposes of mockery and to warn people away from them: Fun fact about that page: after Dorothy Moon, whoever made it ceased to give a damn, and just linked the portrait of everyone who follows to her website too. Dorothy Moon, Dorothy Moon, Dorothy Moon, they all go to her site.
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Ack, I misgendered Tina Peters in the post accidentally. Could someone please change that "him" to a "her," even though, in the Flag Dimension, there is only.... flag.

EDIT: Wait--I can't find it now? Maybe I misstated. It's a long post, and I did a lot of HTML fiddling to make it. I'm going to go lie down.
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Rachel Hamm came in third in California's primary earlier this month so no chance of her getting in state office this time around.
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I was disappointed that John didn't mention Air B'n'B as a significant factor in dwindling apartment availability.
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The AirBNB issue is a very significant one in places like Miami. It was frankly ridiculous how many of them were in my neighborhood when I could still afford to live there and there were more all the time

The sad part is that it wasn't even a particularly desirable location, just somewhat close to a couple. Certainly not somewhere you'd stay for your dream beach vacation. With me out there's six within a few feet of each other. The funny thing is that none of them really got used that much. Once or twice a month at most, never for more than a week and more commonly for two to three days at a stretch.
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Two of my Facebook friends have had to leave their rental houses and found themselves unable to get anything else- it's terrible. One of them had to beg money off the rest of us so his family could stay in a motel, and I know it killed him to do it. Both of them are fine now.
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Well this is me, I just got notice of my $200/month rent increase. I moved in only 10 months ago but will have to move again. Corporate owned. I am lucky I guess, that I should be able to find a place, even with my dogs. I’m going to have to pay another $600 fee for having two pets and all those other one-time fees I thought I could avoid at least a couple years. Anyway, I am 14:26 into this episode and it is so fucking depressing I can’t watch anymore.
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Last November, I got an unexpected raise that amounted to about $200 extra per month. In December I got a notice saying that my rent was increasing $240 per month when my lease ended in February. Life is basically impossible.
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I am lucky I guess, that I should be able to find a place, even with my dogs. I’m going to have to pay another $600 fee for having two pets and all those other one-time fees I thought I could avoid at least a couple years.

Ok so I have a solution to this, that some people may or may not like. Register your pet as an emotional support animal. There is no regulation and any pet can become one (like you hear about the ducks on the planes). I did this with my cat, because he doesnt cause $300 worth of damage while I live there (and that place had $50/month pet rent on top of that).

I would never ever ever use this to take my cat into a place he shouldnt be, but I will absolutely use it to keep some of that money from my corporate apartment landlord. Fuck them and their stupid fees.
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